Saturday, October 9, 2010

connections and mental track hopping + update

I can't help getting excited when I make connections.

I was looking up free movies on Hulu and came across 'Lifeforce' -
I remember renting it a lot as a kid, but I can't remember it.
I really am hoping this is a movie that I have weird memories about, but for the life of me
I haven't been able to find - I explain things I remember, but no one else seems to be familiar with my description... perhaps I made up memories to go along with this movie.

SO. I go to look up a trailor and come across a foreign Lifeforce poster.
It looks REALLY familiar ... sorta like the Crimson Glory - Transcendence album cover.... I show D and he confirms that it IS the same image!

*brain jumps tracks*

SOOooo I go find the album and see that ~YES~ it is... I wonder if they had permission to use it? Because it definitely goes along with the theme of Lifeforce, so I'm assuming the poster came before the album. (by 3 years) They credit the artist of the Album (Takashi Terada), but thats all I can find.

*brain jumps tracks*

No longer concerned about finding more clips from the movie to see if I can find the lost images from my child brain, I go on an online quest to see if anyone else has noticed this connection.
I see one small blurb in a blog response and seemingly deleted entry on an IMDB discussion from the movie.

Anyway, here are the 2 images.

I JUST noticed this ALMOST goes along with the art of my previous post and my obsession about people in 'womb - like' structures. *excited, I just made another connection!... well, more personal mental connection. *

Today I spent time with my sister's family and went to Ethnic Expo in Columbus (IN.) - I experienced 'Rose Lemonade' from the Pakistan food booth - I don't think I'm ready to incorporate 'rose' into a drink flavor, it reminds me too much of purfume... or perhaps their batch just tasted a bit too chemical.

I'll do a bigger art update later.

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