Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Snail Mail My Mannequin!

My Mannequin "Brunhildegard" has hijacked my website for her own purposes: to reach out to the world in an attempt at snail mail communication. If you like weird snail mail and want to participate in a fun project, please send her something through the post - she'll share it and write back!!

See the website she created for herself, with the address of my studio where she lives:


I can attempt to copy what she wrote on the site below.

"Hi. My name is Brunhildegard. I live in the studio of Lydia Burris. I live a secret life she doesn't know much about. I don't know too many humans, but I have a keen insight to the other denizens of the imagination world. I'd love to share gossip from the other world, but I'm better at snail mail. If you are so inclined, please correspond with me via Lydia's public studio address.

Lydia Burris
212 West 10th Street,
suite A-250
Indianapolis, IN 46202

I and my strange friends would love to hear from you. Feel free to share with your crazy snail-mail friends. I may start to write about my experiences if things get interesting."

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