Saturday, May 6, 2017

A Day in the Mind

A day in the mind:
Desperately trying to get work done for August/ gencon. Am I making fan work? not so much. Am I working on commissions? Not tonight but they are not forgotten. Am I frantic to hurry up and figure out why I've been artblocked and exploring various styles and methods hoping that I'll get back on track and love the process again? yep. Am I worried that for the past few years I've been veering in the wrong direction? sorta. Am I tired of trying to cling onto a dream I once had of being an illustrator after realizing I don't really want said dream? I'm not sure, or I don't want to admit it. Do I want to make large and bizarre ethereal artworks/ environments that hearken to an alternate dimension? *nods vigorously* Do I have the means to do this? yes. Do I have the money/ resources/ available time to do this? Not really. Do I need change? Yes. Are all the smaller artworks I'm making a waste of efforts? No way. Is everything culminating in a big push forward and I'm just impatient for it to just happen already? Yes. Am I worried about whats happening to the world around me? Hell yes. Am I ever going to give up? Hell no.
That is all.

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