Saturday, May 7, 2011

Found poems

The charity Birdhouse is done. Abstract colorful background, abstract trees, abstract bird on the front, and 2 found poems on each side of the roof. These are phrases and words cut from novels, ficton and non.
 I have not indicated with any symbols or spaces the specific cut pieces of text. I just typed it together, and added spaces for easier reading in type.

They read as if pulled from a dream.

"Fluffy White Feathers were suspended from a circular chandelier.
Two great white wings swayed back and forth.
They have great power already...
Then inexerably, light from the sanctuary materialized and
dozens of tiny feathers waved wildly above the branches.
Something like laughter pounded the trees. "

"Standing deeper in the grove, light fading,
at least for the moment.
Two black feathers chimed.
Something had unleashed smoke.
Sudden and surprising,
a half-grown figure started to emerge
wildly creeping forward
Beneath his cloaklike wings
crystal arms sprouted.
The resulting movement reveales broken bits of questions."

I will post photos on another day. Right now I'm interested in the images conjured by just the poem.

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