Thursday, May 26, 2011


Whoa nelly! Looks like I fell off the bandwagon for a while.
But it only LOOKS like I have!! Ok ok, I did ... a little.

But thats ok. Sometimes we need some time to process things, and sort things, and spend time with family and help with garage sales and prepare for work and thinking of ideas and sending things off to a CA gallery.

My sketchbook has been sorta ~blah~ lately because I still feel like I'm waiting for the right book. (that perfect sketchbook from England that I havn't ordered yet because shipping and VAT taxes are too expensive, and my plan of ordering several and selling them is even more expensive.)
But I'll share the latest anyway.

The second image above was a study inside the Palace Theatre in Louisville KY.
The second page is my own personal study of a bag-worm sac. I was curious.

** I'm also wanting to pursue studies and sketches of things I normally don't study and sketch (like anything real besides faces) So I did a digital landscape, based on a photo from D's and my drive to Vermont.

** I also sent a work to the Hive Gallery's "Circus Circus" show in Los Angeles CA.
I will not show that one here until it gets put on their website - but I will show the first one I created. It didn't turn out as circusy as I wanted, so I created a different piece to send.
This one seems to be a back-and-forth metaphor for life and death, youth and old age, and the energy that transfers between them.

7.25"  x 7.25"  acrylic, collage and oil on wood. ... available

** And finally, this is a gift for a friend who inspired me and gave me an exercise bike. Our conversation led me to do this piece. (Jeffrey, if you see this, ah well, the surprise is ruined, but I didn't want to wait before posting it! - It will be in the mail as of Thurs afternoon) 

7.25"  x 7.25" mixed media on paper, mounted on wood


  1. Really digging that first / on the left sketch of the serpentine lady figure. It's almost ominous .. like I can see a frosty moon behind the embryo head ..

    actually, it kind of reminds me of a sperm penetrating the egg. A sperm that's a lady.

    I don't know what any of that means .. but I like the drawing. There!

  2. Im not sure what any of my art means either, but its fun trying to figure it out!! sperm lady it is! ... at least it MUST be... I think?