Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother Daughter Art, Seawhite sketchbooks, and

Greetings Internet. Changed the name of this blog back to something 'self drive' related. Believe it or not, the title and will to post here because of the title actually makes me do more art. Huh. Interesting.

This past Saturday was a mother/daughter show at the Renaissance Fine Art and Design Gallery. Even though my mother has passed on, it was the perfect place to keep her art alive! The owner has the best eye for art I've seen in a gallery yet - and she refuses to follow expected 'norms' for galleries. Her collection is Ecclectic and wild, beautiful and bizarre, traditional and non, she's not afraid to try new things. I love it!
Above is a photo of Dad and I at the show. If you want to see more, you are going to have to go see it in person! One South Range Line Road, Carmel, IN. 
Here is a LINK to the facebook page.  

by the way, as it was just mothers day, I decided to upload a few pictures of my mother on fb.
Here is the LINK.


When I went to deliver the art at the gallery, the owner was chatting with a friend who had  randomly stopped in. Just as he was leaving, he gathered his things, picked something up and his sketchbook was uncovered. It was big, black and SQUARE. I gasped and pointed 'Is that a SEAWHITE of BRIGHTON Sketchbook?!?!' - He exclaimed his confirmation that YES indeed it WAS a Seawhite of Brighton sketchbook, and how did I know about them?!

I found and became addicted to them while living in England.

We both agreed that they were the best sketchbooks in the world.
He teaches art in Chicago, but is originally from England. While he is not an official distributor, he does buy about 12-15 at a time, and sells them to his students.

I was overjoyed to have met the man and I hope to see him again! Also, now I know who to contact for my sketchbook fix. *grin!*
I have 2 more empty books on my shelf, thanks to my friend Erich who found and bought 3 of them while he was visiting France. It might be a few years before I need another one, but who knows!
This is my current Seawhite of Brighton book. Its a bit roughed up because when I went to see "The Devils Carnival" in Chicago, I had to fight through rain and hail before getting into the theatre... and I had the book with me. (as I always do). I don't mind - it adds character (my common excuse for everything) and guess what... its not ruined. :)

Speaking of the DEVILS CARNIVAL, (AWESOME AWESOME SHOW by the way!!!)
While attending, I did a few drawings for the attending creators and those involved. A little gift giving as a trade for bringing wonderful bizarre cinema to the public.

This is one of 4 drawings I made... while waiting in line to shake hands and get autographs and meet and greet. I've already done a bit of meeting and greeting of Terrance Zdunich while at conventions, but this time I also had the pleasure to meet Emilie Autumn, Darren Lynn Bousman, and finally a proper meeting of Spooky Dan who has been traveling with them on road shows since Repo. 

These pieces of paper were the ONLY DRY things I had on me, as I had them in a protective sleeve. Hurrah! 

Currently working on a book cover but I don't want to give it away. Here is just a tiny sneak peek.

I also ordered some 5" x 7" boards to paint on.
I plan on spending some quality time making some kick-butt small works of art, and I'll share more info down the line! I played with a few of them today. Color, texture, and character experiments.

Also, something to help with inspiration in the studio:
A WURLITZER. Given to me by a Juggler, found out about it from a clown. <3 Thanks Krembo and Rash... of the BLUE MONKEY SIDESHOW. (go watch a VIDEO :) )

That is all for now. Until next time!

That update was long overdue.

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