Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This is what I finished today.

I also worked on some super-secret 5" x 7" pieces, finished the cover for a Werewolf Novel,
and wasted some time looking at the forums on the newly released Diablo III game release. I don't have the time or $ for it now but I needed ... NEEDED to make sure that even though you must be signed in online on their server to play (dumb) that they still have a single player option. YES.
Not great time usage for the studio, but we do falter at times.
Earlier I bought some used frames to manipulate and use for art.

Inspired by Giger today. I spent some time this afternoon sitting on our NEW COUCH (! <3) and looking at books. I am inspired by his own drive, and the copious amounts of large paper that he drew on DAILY.
I also found out that I've got a booth number for Philadelphia Comic Con. I am also on the website.
However I did not sign up for this con, so if you are one of the 2 people that read this thing (Myself and D?), now you know.

OK. Falling asleep at the keyboard time to go!

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