Saturday, December 28, 2013

Allowance of Holiday Laziness, and setting the oven on fire

4:43 AM 12/28/2013

the obsession with Sherlock continues.
We have found and unlocked secret online content - placed there to tease viewers about
the upcoming season! I also found a book at dads containing 3 volumes of Sherlock Stories
all in one book. The first story I read is the original about Irene Adler. Now that I've
watched the BBC version of things, the character has been brought to life for me, making
it easier to read and be interested in the stories - even the Victorian versions of them.

I have another book I need to finish as a job so I can Illustrate a cover for it. While I'm
enjoying that book, I'm on HOLIDAY as a HERMIT, so I'm allowing myself to be
emersed in other things. Although, I think tomorrow I may lightly begin to work on some
other projects. In total have a private portrait, a book cover portrait, the remains of a cd
cover, A book cover (trade), an OLD project that needs to be finished, and an upcoming
game characters commission. 2 other projects are on my shelf that sorta died with the
other involved party. For you artists, how many projects have you booked at the same
time? I hope once I get caught up on these I can manage myself better.

So, this Holiday as a Hermit has included watching a lot of tele, playing 'Fate's Carnival'
(Mystery Case File game) and spending time in the kitchen. I cooked BRICKLE today for
the first time on my own. I performed the recipe out of order and set the oven on fire, but
the dessert I was cooking miraculously turned out fantastic.
No idea how that happened, and I don't think I can blame coyote on that one.

I'm also thinking in an english accent. Too much SHERLOCK.

p.s. Freshly cooked bacon and raw celery make a really good combination.

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