Friday, December 27, 2013

Reading fake tv blogs and chatting about Christmas

5:54 AM 12/27/2013

I am amused by finding out that there is an actual blog for the John Watson character on
the BBC series "Sherlock" - the characters keep referring to his blog posts, and now I can
go READ THEM. There are other little fun tidbits too, like Sherlock's blog, and Molly the
Medical Examiner's blog. There are comments by other people in the show, and Molly's
blog shows the growing love interest between her and Moriarty (before anyone knew it
was Moriarty)
I'm very impressed and amused and have read about half of the entries so far. More than
just the episodes of the show, there are other tidbits too - rants and insights of things that
happen in the shows. (Like when he argued with the automated grocery till)
In fact, I am inspired by the whole blog thing again, I'm going to post this very entry. (I
know, I THREATEN this all the time and rarely get anywhere!)
(I DO log my days often but rarely share them anymore. I felt ... jammed by the idea of
having to screen my thoughts for the public)

And now it is 6:00 am. I should go to bed. I'm just now beginning to get tired. Its
Christmas week and I am finally giving myself a break from commissions and other
responsibilities (mostly) But I still stay up verrrry late.

What else did I do today?
COOK! I made bacon, pan fried potatos and veggies, and green bean casserole. Perhaps
tomorrow I'll finally make Brickle (and send some to my sister.) I had threatened to make
the sweet dessert on Christmas day, but didn't get to it. I hung out with Sarah and Malcolm
instead. And later with Joshua and Christina. We played Scatergories and I got to show
off 'Norman', my new cute little friend who makes adorable noises and motions.  (Strange
little toy Dave got for me) My excuse is that I was such a tom boy when I was a little girl,
and never allowed anyone to say the word 'cute' within 20 feet of my presence. I've got
some catching up to do. (I also just ordered a plushie CATBUG, prompted by Dave with
an amazon gift card and a pic of it on my wishlist. For those who know who that character
is, you'll understand I had no choice. Once Cat-bugged, you are lost in this strange
obsessed mental space and crave more catbug.)
Here is a video of the little guy - he (she) is a toy called  Fijit Friends Shimmies, named 'Whirlina', but I re-sexed and re-named him to 'Norman' because it just felt right.

This is the very first year I have a CHRISTMAS TREE.
I do not know why I waited so long for one, perhaps because I never stay home on
Christmas, I visit my family. But last year we found one on clearance and so this year I
put it up. I LOVE putting ornaments on Christmas trees! Dad gave me a box of
ornaments he was saving for me, and Dave remembered to put mom's fascinating little
'broken baby doll' ornaments that creeped everyone out the year she gave them as gifts.
'Cathe, why are you giving us DEAD BABIES for Christmas?!' I MISS MOTHER SO

Ok, Time for bed, or for another segment of Fate's Carnival (Big fish game)... no. Its 6:22
am. Its bedtime. maybe.

P.S. Renamed the blog again, in anticipation of more randomness.

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