Saturday, February 13, 2010

Playing around in Studio

Today was a successful day of play and profit. First of all, I gave a 3 hour acrylic technique workshop in my studio. I am going to continue to offer this opportunity for anyone interested. 3 hours turned into almost 4 as we continued to talk and discuss techniques.

After my students left, I was in the mood to keep playing with paint, so I thought I would post photos from today.
Of course, there is the continuation of playing with paint and textures on gessoed surfaces.
Next, I re-picked up an older idea - I have a work in process which uses a regular story book as a sketchbook. Before, I was using the book in a manner similar to the work of Tom Phillips who created HUMUMENT, a manipulated book originally by the name of "The Human Monument". - Excellent work of art, I have no qualms about saying that I am inspired by it - But I do not want to try emulating or copying it. I cannot remember if I started this book before or after someone pointed out Tom Phillips to me. I was at school in England, playing with image and text at the time I discovered his work. Some pages are more graphic like his, some of them include more painting, taking verbal cues from the text when possible. I have posted a few pictures below.

Later tonight: Pizza at a restaurant - why? To see a magician friend of ours perform table magic.
Much more to muse on, but I will leave this post be as it is.

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