Friday, February 26, 2010

new banner, goals, doubts, rambles, new work

Here's a new banner for my site.
Anyone out there do banner exchanges? I'm going to be adding a links section to my site.

Created today, inspired by the fact that I have been severely neglecting advertising myself in the right (right?) places.
Also the fact that I'm not really sure which part of myself to advertise - I've landed on 'oddball creations' as it seems to cover all aspects of my work.

I always run into a wall trying to decide what kind of artist I am. Especially realizing that I may not be up to doing the kind of fantasy illustration I had always dreamed of doing. I still dream of it, and keep trying to improve upon the skills that will get me there But... as I have no singular artistic ambition, I sometimes feel very lost.

Plus, I only had about 1 professional commission last year from someone who wasn't in my circle of friends. In my low moments, this kind of thing makes me question my self worth. People LOVE the work - but its difficult work to market.
I have to keep reminding myself of successful artists who also have strange interstitial artwork work - like Dave McKean and Nick Bantock.


NEW WORK!!!!!!!

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