Friday, July 9, 2010

getting ready for the con season

Tomorrow is FAMOUS MONSTERS CONVENTION! This will be the first specifically ~HORROR~ Convention I vend at. I am very excited!

Tonight I have just finished creating about 87 magnets for tomorrow. I ordered magnet sheets almost a week ago, got photo printouts today, stuck them on the magnets, used an exacto to cut the magnets out generally, and scissors to smooth each edge.

I also ordered some new prints (finished today), and a second edition of my Brain Candy book (to be picked up tomorrow).
Today was my last art appreciation class of the once a week, 5 week Indiana tech class I'm teaching. I picked up my evaluation forms earlier, did errands, and then went to the IMA where the class was being held. This is the first time I've felt 'in my element' teaching this class - I rearranged the info I was presenting and changed my teaching style to allow less lecture, and more appreciation. I also feel the students were very happy and enjoyed the class, and did not want to shoot me in the knee cap, as I suspected my previous students wanted to do. (too much info, too much lecture, not enough appreciation... 5 weeks only leaves so much room to digest info) I still have to get my grades in by Monday eve ... with the monster convention and packing for a 2 week vacation after Monday, this should be interesting.
What else did I do today? worked on a flyer and some work for a comic project.

BUSY MUCH? Nah, not me!

Oh. And a few days ago, I bought a 25 pound bag of CLAY. I have cravings to work in clay, and have for about 2 years (I even wrote the urge in my sketchbook 2 years ago) FINALLY. I have clay.

the latest: Grünewald is now "PRINCE" Grünewald, as he has changed from his old green shell to a slightly smaller purple shell. He has also found his ZEN spot on the top of a stick. he LOVES to climb. But I have yet to see him eat anything.
Ronymus has been hiding all day and evening in a larger shell (while still attached to his old shell) so it looks like a sort of yen-yang of 2 shells flowing together. This is not the first time he has attempted to live in 2 shells. I wonder what he's thinking... does he hear the ocean in this shell? is it comforting? Is he looking for a larger friend to play with? Does he have SHELL ENVY???
Blake just likes to dig lately.

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