Monday, July 5, 2010

monster baby art purchase

While setting up at the Inconjunction show Friday, I fell in love with the art of Joseph Gubocki, his work featured on a table.
Absolutely the most gorgeous freaks of ceramic invention on earth; twisted hook limbs, misfits of nature gone awry, baby faces conjoined with monstrous crustacean bodies and hellish creatures waiting to burn the world (some of them were oil lamps)

Unfortunately he doesn't seem to have a website and I freakin FORGOT to take a photo of his table. GAH.

BUT I CAN show you the precious baby face I brought home today - he gets along well with his fiendish friends (the other babies are assemblages by mother)


  1. Hey - do you happen to have his email? I'm pretty sure this is a guy I've been looking for for ages - he used to do a lot of arts festivals in PA. I have one of his oil lamps - it's a head with long, graceful tentacles draped around it. I was GIS-ing for him and the words oil lamp, face, and clay bought up your pic. A lucky shot in the dark and I'm almost certain it's him, after seeing your crab. Nice, BTW.

    1. Did I ever get back to you about Joseph Gubocki's info? I just happened to look back through this post because I acquired another piece - and saw this message - I don't think I ever got back with you! send me an email to lydiaburris (AT) if you happen to get this!

  2. Absolutely kick as art. Picked up a piece at Tampa comic con 2015.
    His email is