Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My blogging river has run dry, but here are some drawings.

Just like the pile of un-archived reciepts, my blog is waiting to be written, with things to say, and half formed images and ideas, and before I can write those things here, they become stagnant and old news, because by then, everyone on facebook already knows, and I don't feel like writing it again somewhere else online.

Also, I've been working on a lot of projects that are not my own projects, so I do not want to share
them, they are secret!

This was supposed to be a place to share my daily output of practice and art experiments.
A place for myself to improve and have fun.

So perhaps I won't wait for the big update. I won't show ALL my art happenings and special advertisements...I will again make a simple attempt to post experiments, sketches, and works I'm working on for myself.  For the big more occasional important updates, you'll have to sign up for my mailing list. (email and say 'YES' to be on the mailing list)

SO, without further delay, here are the most recent things I did that I felt I can share.
I did these drawings at the last convention I was at: Contamination in St. Louis.

This was a sketch done in a brain candy book - with Sharpies.

Dick Starr and Johnny Bopp drew in my 'book of monsters' and the 2 drawings on brown paper, I did as a thank you. (The book of monsters was originally a 60th birthday gift for mother, but one that I would keep to travel and gather more drawings for her. Something for both of us to share. Now that she is gone, I'm still carrying on the tradition)

This was a watercolor painting I had started before but didn't like. I added ink while sitting at the booth, and faded the background to my liking.

This was a quick 'sketch' I did in someone's sketchbook. I love drawing in sketchbooks. I love the quick braincandy sketches too. My mind works so much faster and I come up with great ideas when I am on a laid back but 'do it now' mindset.

If you stop by 'Days of the Dead' in Indianapolis this weekend, come by and get a sketch.


  1. i like the posts with just what ever is on the brain and going onto the paper, i like the everyday posts, even if they are to say "i have done nothing today". it is still inspiring and helpful to see creativity is a living thing with waves, ups and downs.

  2. Thank you Kari - I'm encouraged to get back to posting