Thursday, July 28, 2011

automatism, con drawings, etc

The sun ate my face today, but let me share some art with you.

Lets start with the most recent and work our way back!
Last night I saw "Dismantled" - Industrial band signed by Metropolis -
I was very inspired by their show, - good thing I had my sketchbook with me!
When the show ended, I did some doodling in the bar while the DJ played more industrial.
These 2 images aren't directly related to the band, but rather inspired by the band, and a live industrial setting.

 Both images are black sharpie, the second one was a gift for one of the members, who saw
the first pieces and kindly demanded that I do something for him. *grin* Amused, I complied. 

And now for some drawings done at FRIGHT NIGHT FILM FESTIVAL! (Louisville, KY)
Great show by the way, thanks to those who stopped by!

My favorite first!! A commission to put one of my 'women' related pieces in someone's sketchbook. 

Two sharpie sketches in a brain candy book.

5" x 7" commission for a giraffe related piece.

Book page commission for my booth neighbor's child. 
Inspirations as of late:
The INVASION has begun!
Really awesome SyFy short series featuring my friend Mark Tierno, about 6 minutes each. 3 episodes so far, I highly recommend it!
Check it out here!

The Butterfly Circus
Very inspirational well filmed 20 minute short film about the Butterfly Circus.
Check it out
A 20 minute short

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