Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Worked on some buttons today.
Let me share some photos.

Buttons from the finished button making session tonight

a view of what my painted button template sheets look like before I cut them out and write silly things on them.

Also, Last night I did some giggling and composed a video from something I made this weekend.
On Saturday I was at an event that was a bit under attended. Granted, I still enjoyed myself and made a bit of profit.
But during a particularly slow stretch, I decided to create a maze on the floor.
Complete with monsters and a torture chamber. I was transported to my childhood again - only everything this time is on a larger scale: the maze, me, my madness.... etc.

here is the video:

While I'm on the subject of videos, I am super GIDDY about this one.
Awesomely done Gangnam Style parody(James Hong even shows up!)


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