Sunday, September 28, 2014

My Bisquick is Expired and some colorful bizarre DOODLES

What did I do today my fiends? Did I fall into the lazy haze of the couch to watch shows or complete a jigsaw puzzle on my iphone, or did I stand up and reach for the paints?! I tell you, dear fiends, I did both!

Hannibal makes me GIDDY:
I tend to fly through a tv series with Dave because we bond over an episode of ~something~ during
mealtimes. I never thought watching the tv would be an engaging and fun experience - I always viewed it as a soul sucking device that kills brain-cells - but with the right person, watching shows can be exciting and inspiring, especially when you can pause the show and discuss theories, or parallel themes, or how an actor's certain facial structure confuses and delights you. We are currently watching Hannibal, a spectacular and maddening series, making me giddy with obsession. I am inspired by the surreal vision sequences - and the spectacular master plan of the show's path.
I can't help but think that mom would have loved this show, and I feel a little closer to her spirit when watching it. Is that sick? No, that's just us.
Other shows crossing our dinner plate lately are the new episodes of Bones and Sons of Anarchy. All of the shows we watch pretty much confirms the sneaky suspicion that our culture is obsessed with violence. Perhaps I should include more violence in my art? I have the sick surreal stuff down for sure.

Thats why I'm writing this daily thing right now.

Today I --
- finished the buttons I started yesterday. We don't need a photo of that.
- Colored two 4x6 drawings I did the past few days (on Stillman & Birn sample papers)
Medium: Bic Pen, watercolor, white ink. Both started as automatic drawings.

First one sold. The second is available at $35.

- I also cooked home made soup. I was considering putting dumplings in it, but my bisquick expired in 2011. *pout* I wonder if Hannibal would ever consider using bisquick. Probably not, unless he was challenged to.

Its only 11:15, I know more art will happen - I plan on working on some commission work, and looking at grading some student drawings, and doodling more.. I'll save anything truly interesting for tomorrow's post!

As always, Comment, Share, Rave, Dance if you are so inspired to do so by this post!  What do you think of Hannibal? What do you like to paint watercolors with? Is your bisquick expired?

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