Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sow the Seed

Listen to this as you read, let it sow a seed ....

Winter is approaching. My time is filled with class preparations and thoughts of the future and my car begins to smoke again. I wonder how I will ever make it to the mountain I wish to be at, so seemingly far away. No matter how far I get, no matter how fast I run, my destination is ever so far away. The years tick by, the money runs just as dry as it did 10 years ago.
I don't want to look back, I don't want to see the miles I've gone already, I don't want the appreciation of my travel to slow my progress, - again - I don't want to sigh and relax too much, for fear complacency will seep further into my crackling dreams, for all I've done, it seems... I circle back again, to the same old memes, the patterns of myself a never ending fractal of routines ... expanding into larger and more complicated seasons, the details engorging with added responsibilities and reasons.
Cheer for me fiends... As I push this boulder up the hill, over and over and over again.


Today's creativity lay in creating projects for my classes. A morphing drawing for my drawing class, and pattern explorations for the color theory and design class. I should complete my own projects, not only for samples, but for shiggles and gits.

I almost didn't make anything new, but I found a drawing I had started at the beginning of September. So I decided to finish it.

"Sow the Seed"
Pen, watercolor, white ink and white acrylic. Some colored pencil. 
4" x 8" Currently available for $40.

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