Sunday, September 28, 2014

Things are about to get fiendishly creative

Well my fiends, I'm starting again on that attempted journey of daily art sharing, as a public push for my personal drive - I plan on staring complacency in the face and screaming a resounding "NO!"

There will be more new art, epic explorations and a search for fresh creative experiences.

This journey is for myself, but Im taking the weird bus, so there's plenty of room for all of you to ride along! 

Saturday Sept 27 2014
Here is an update from today! It was a fairly active art day.
There was doodling, networking, button making, and the eating of snacks.
Arty thing no.1

Tonight I showed work at the 3040 gallery, for their 100 under 100 show.
Yes this is the gallery. Its a house gallery. Its got underground ties. You see that little door? Its a goblin door to the underworld. See? Underground ties. 

I brought out some oldies and did some trades. Trying to clear out some old work to make way for new work. I made some extra art buttons for it before going.

Arty thing no.2
I doodled this dreamy bizarreness last night. (Technically yesterday as it was before I slept, yet technically today because I did it at 4 am. HA!) 
Its on 4"x6" sample paper from "Stillman & Birn". I plan on adding color. 
Slowly working on writing stories to give my creations a home. Perhaps I'll get a chance to share with sooner than later.

Artything no. 3
I cannot share yet as its a commission yet to be revealed (also finished in the am 'last night') a hilarious and quick logo for a friend. I'll share it as I get a chance. 

Arty thing no.4 
Ive just commissioned six 12x18 shadow boxes to do sculptural pieces in. I cannot wait to get started! 

NOW, hopefully I can keep this up.

If you read it, leave a comment. If something strikes you, say so! If this inspires a happy little jig, please record it and share the youtube link. :D !! 

I'm outta here. If I do any more art today I shall include it in tomorrow's post.


  1. First time I've looked at your your comments, your art and the interesting things you are doing. Ron