Thursday, October 22, 2009

Publications and new art

Despite getting addicted to some internet puzzle games this week, I have managed to get some work done! (bejeweled on facebook, 'trapped' on yahoo, last few weeks was 'shape shifter' on yahoo)
Last time I was in the studio (Sunday, I need to go back!), I did a lot of work and started a lot of new pieces. I managed to finish one personal work from my 'Miscellany' series, and at home I finished a commissioned drawing about vampire ducks of apocalypse. (I love bizarre requests!)

But FIRST, I wanted to share a publication I was involved in:
Cutting Block Press's "Butcher Shop Quartet II" - 4 short horror stories. I illustrated the front and back covers, and did 4 inside illustrations. The book is available for $16.99 - Free shipping to anyone in the U.S.! Check out the site HERE

By the way, the stories are really great! I enjoyed reading them and illustrating them.

NEXT: here is one of my new works from my 'Miscellany' series - 8" x 10" mixed media on 300lb hot press paper.


COME See a Holloween Magic Show!

Featuring: Vampire magician - David Alusik (my lovely D), Barry Rice and hosted by Madame Esmerelda Fallendo!!
Theatre on the Square * OCTOBER 27th * Doors at 7 pm
Wear a costume for a $5 discount on the price!
For more info click HERE!

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