Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Last Night's Dream:
how come, when I need to kill a bad guy in a dream, I always get the DULL WEAPON. Last night it was an old shovel. (about the size of a broom) I was able to stab quite well but severing the head was quite difficult, and I swear one of the bad guys was a zombie, because he just wouldn't stop! Sorry about the gore, but they were trying to kidnap damnit. They were going to drug me and use my plasma in an art project.

A day or so ago, D and I watched 'Decline of Western Civilization, part 2: Metal' . It was great. It inspired me to listen to 'classical metal' on my 'tag radio' in the studio yesterday. The station stayed pretty consistent surprisingly.

Speaking of the studio, I created a work that I whole-heartedly enjoyed. After this, I realized why I get sometimes get fed up with some of my works that come directly from intuition.

"Immortal Ideas of a Dead Poet.
7.25" x 8" oil on wood

I was reading some Lord Byron, and after reading one of his poems about the idea of transforming a skull into a wine glass, the idea that it is better to replace your dead brain with wine rather than your skull being wasted on fodder for worms - perhaps some transference of wit or ideas would spring forth from drinking from it.
The idea of things growing from a skull carries the same idea for me, so I thought Byron might like to have inspired me to paint this.

The day before, I had done another face with branches - just a drawing - I'll upload that as soon as I get it scanned in.

Big Trouble in Little China
"This is Jack Burton in the Pork Chop Express, and I'm talkin' to whoever's listenin' out there."
This movie has been in my head lately. (again) After posting this quote on FB, I realized I'm not alone in this love. I was Joyfully buried in a plethora of quotes from the movie.

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