Monday, March 29, 2010

This weekend was one of the best.

Let me run down briefly what happened.
- Horror Hound Indianapolis, with huge guests, such as CLIVE BARKER, George Romero, Elvira, Doug Bradley... and then some. Also, this was the largest gathering EVER of Horror hosts - somewhere between 70 and 80 were there - blowing the previous record of about 30 something out of the sky - I never realized horror-hosting was such a big deal! It made the event even more interesting and exciting.

I think this is the first time I've actually attended a convention the full time as purely a fan. Sure, some great promo happened, and I gave away some magnets - but I just let loose and was able to enjoy the whole thing.
To understand the entire situation ~ My mother is a huge fan of Clive Barker but could not be there much to her dismay! (recovering from being ill) I promised I would tell Clive and Doug about her/give them her card with her art images on it. I am also a huge fan of Clive Barker (especially) and was determined to see him.

-Friday - we do a bit of shopping, and meet some cool people. When people were packing up, we saw Doug Bradley quickly and I showed him a printout of a drawing I had done for mother as a get well card, including pinhead reminding her of her 'appointment' at horrorhound... and he signed it with best wishes - so sweet and unexpected! D gets to catch up with Ron Fitzgerald (magician) and I find fascination with Menten's mind and art. Huzzah!

Check out Menton's deviantart

- Saturday we get here at 8:30 am to stand in line for tickets to an early uncut version of Clive Barker's Nightbreed, just recently found and compiled from lost archives. 9:10 we get in line for Clive Barker - (even thought he's not supposed to be there until 12:00) - I bought my travel watercolors/pens - and did some art while waiting. that day (and the day before) he wasn't feeling well, and so he was going a bit slow - and due to (what I think was recent throat surgery?) he had no voice - only strained whispers - But he was genuinely smiling and we had the sense that he desperately wanted to meet as many fans as possible - we finally get to see him just before 2:00, and the nearly 5 hour wait was worth it. I quickly told him about mother and her art, my art and our deep appreciation of his work, and I gave him some items (cards and magnets, and 2 photos of some pieces that were almost directly inspired by one of his books of blood stories) He gave D and I kisses on the cheek and we got a very clear picture.

Later was a Q and A session with Clive and some people involved with his movies - Doug Bradley, Ashley Lawrence, Simon Bamford .... despite the weak voice, Clive carried on and had some wonderful things to say about the industry and some of todays problems (the big publishers are not readers, only businessmen these days) - I was moved to tears! I wanted to contribute to the conversation but it never got to me. - So I say it here!
*If you create intense work, raw, and/or unsafe for general consumption - do not be convinced to dull it down to fit in with the masses, do not become complacent - persevere and charge forth with your vision - be prepared to starve for your art, be prepared to go through alternate channels, be prepared for heavy critique - but be confident and let it be seen - show public what truth and real art is, dont let the big companies decide what everyone consumes. This applies to all creators.
~ Carrying on - the Nightbreed screening was 2.5 hours, it was raw, no score and was an early version - so its missing a lot, but it also includes a lot more footage of Boone, Decker and the Sheriff - The end is different, and for heavy fans, this brought some new insight into the film and the ideas - I am glad I watched the whole thing!
Lastly - we would have gotten back into the vendor room, but it was at MAX CAPACITY, with threats from the fire marshall, - so we decided to explore the mask room (and saw some more awesome things, people and artists - particularly love Daniel Horne's art) - if they keep bringing in so many awesome events and names, this convention needs to expand!

-Sunday. Noon - there was a Vampira Tribute event, with a procession of all the horror movie hosts (again, bringing me to tears - it was so serious, dark music, good lighting...) - Ron Fitzgerald did a bit of magic and resurrected 'Vampira' - and much screaming was had!
Later we got back into the vendor room, finishes our shopping had more conversation with the people we wanted to see. This was truly a weekend to remember - Now I am rejuvenated creatively and I am inspired to do some real art!

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