Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter , art., randomness

Here I am.

Moments pass by. Satisfaction followed by unsure placement. I am not where I want to be. Am I where I need to be? Where am I going? Will I get there? Confidence and Doubt mixed together like stew. I have half of what I want, and the other half is waiting for itself to happen, before it can happen.
Money and love and artistic integrity and comfort... all dancing and struggling together, wondering how they got in this mess together, blaming each other for their own faults. I stand back watching the fight. I am inside, at the center of a carousel. I am the controller in an automatic machine, I'm afraid to step forward into the ride, into the game. I am not alone. I am distracted, my name is called, I am conjured, faded, forgotten. I am where I began. Moments pass by.
Enough inner INSIGHT.  ...NOW for some ART!

First of all, playing around with digital. If you watch my facebook, you've probably already seen the first image. The last pic of me in my coat, manipulated with art behind me.

The next image: Some digital play with one of my sketchbook sketches.

Easter eggs! Blown and decorated with food coloring. But, I made the image black and white for fun.
They look more... Textural.

... ok ok, here's the color version.

Awww... a heart in the Omlette.

Oh yeah, finished a commission!

And I balanced a box of donuts on a ball. I am so arty. @_@

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