Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 33, 34 - bah! and argh! and ooh!

After finishing a narrative page (yay!) I puttered around on a larger painting I've been working on. Its been in hiatus since most of my larger works are done in the basement, but its too cold down there for now. (maybe I need to get an oil radiator heater thing)
Anyway, I'm not done so I don't want to share yet but I did waste some time (hour+) experimenting in photoshop by gridding off the image and rearranging it. Interesting results.


Today I avoided art because I'm feeling very impatient with my drawings and sketches, and generally BLAH. but I still wanted to work on SOMETHING. So I dragged my clay from downstairs and set up an area on the living room floor so I could pound clay and watch The Mentalist with Dave.

I'm not sure WHAT I made, but it was therapeutic.
I also took some fun photos of ice while trying to release my car- and caught a great mid-karate-chop image!

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  1. Wow, you have been busy!
    Really like the aceo (what does that stand for) "I Sense Something Strange".
    Funky little characters.... must be smelling something strange!