Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Life on hold, rest in peace mother Catherine

My art blog has not been forgotten, and here is why.

I realized that I had not yet posted here about my mother, who passed last Thursday.
You will have read most of this if you're on my facebook, or deviantart or livejournal - I just posted at those last two. I felt the need to copy it here too - so I can cover all my bases.
I am curious if or how my art will change after this.

In loving memory:
Catherine Burris
June 24th 1949 - February 17th 2011
ages 61.
She was too young .

Since March of 2010, she had been ill with various problems relating to lungs and rheumatoid arthritis.

Mother was a grand artist.

She was surrounded by family on her last day, and in her last hours, at the Hospice center in Columbus Indiana.
I think I may donate a painting to them in her memory.

Our family is doing fine - we have had cries and laughs and cries and more laughs as
we prepared for her passing.
I am composing a list of her likes and dislikes, as a way to process this and remember her.

If you are local or knew her and would like to know the details of the services on Saturday the 26th, let me know.

I am keeping her website up, and I will edit it later to make it a memorial.
Check it out to see some of the art she was doing:
Catherine's Gallery

I will miss you greatly mom.

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  1. God, Lydia .. I'm stunned .. and wishing you and your family all the best right now. From what I remember of her from Gen Con; she was so vibrant and friendly, and what a smile! What an ARTIST! I am honored to have known her in the small way that I did.