Sunday, March 20, 2011

jellyfish and LOTS of sketches

Its been a while, and I have a build up of sketches to post.

First of all, I'm going to try getting back into the daily art thing - some unexpected things happen - such as last night I just decided to put marks down on paper and came up with this jellyfish drawing.

"Sleep, Dream, Death or Delirium, I don't know and we never can tell"
9" x 12" ink on sketch paper.

And now for a ton of sketches

Reaching for art, and then finding love (right next to me)

Comfort from a strange roundman.

feeling lazy and too full. (of tacos)

(my Fave)

I stayed up too late one night, and got my THIRD wind. I felt like
I wanted to know the WORLD. I wanted to do RESEARCH. I wanted to read
and paint and know THINGS.
"At night-time my brain expands and I feel like I can ingest the WORLD!"
"The tip of my brain parts grows tastebuds at night, and reaches out to experience the noosphere"

A random sexy man. I think its a man.

Last but not least, some random sketches from my day yesterday.
My friend Steven is working on a special project involving collage and bodies. Some friends were visiting and I just hung out and drew people. It was refreshing to do some art around friends doing art. I need this more often. His progress and process can be seen at his DeviantArt page. Advisory: many of his photos include nudity.

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  1. My friends and I used to have "art parties" It usually included cheese, beer, and some classic oldies. You sitting around drawing each other reminded me of this great time in my life. Funny thing is I am also doing "do artwork everyday" thing...anyway good luck sugar and that jellyfish pic is sweet as hell.