Sunday, March 6, 2011

All those other things that make me feel creative besides drawing on paper

As the title says, "all those other things that make me feel creative besides drawing on paper".

I wanted to do something for myself, for fun, without and pre-planning, and without the stigma of 'I'm going to try selling this later.' Ahh, how refreshing. This coat was given to me in '06, on my last visit to England. It was starting to fall apart and I haven't worn it for a year and one of the pockets is torn. Therefore, it was time to make it useable again by giving it a facelift. (Ok, I say no sale's thoughts here, however, throw $ at me and I'll play with your leather clothing too)


I've been enjoying making food lately. The first is basically an everything salad. (I also tried this as a sandwich, minus the pasta, but including the strawberries) and next is a potato, veggie, sausage dish. :)

However, the most fun I had besides eating these dishes, is finding interesting things about the food I never knew before, like this fascinating pattern I found after breaking off all the celery stalks from the base.

And then some inspiration from something I have nothing to do with. Just an awesome car I saw while driving. I didn't fuzz the plate out because its so funny.
I would LOVE an opportunity to paint all over a car like this.

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