Saturday, September 10, 2011


First, some RAMBLES on RANDOM Updates.
I have one depressing day where a demon of idleness and frustration farts in my ear for several hours and the next day is a train-ride of productivity. WOO! I'll take it I guess.

Things are both picking up and slowing down - I missed the opportunity to get into an event I was sorta hoping to do (Lexington Scarefest), but was hesitant as I need to juggle which events I MUST do (the bohemian $ juggle, I'm sure most of you are familiar with the act?) Anyway... Yesterday must have given me an extra hour or 2 in the day to make up for wasted time the day before. Self drive *YAY!! SCREAM, its the MAGIC WORD!* kicked in and stuff happened! Art was done, errands were run, frames were found and manipulated, people contacted, information found out, etc etc.

I am currently waiting on word from the HORRORHOUND staff on whether the event is already sold out or not. If room is available, I will be at the next event in Cincinnati. *crosses fingers* ... NEED MORE CONVENTION. Speaking of which,,, I got my square device in the mail... so I can take credit card payments at my next event... (so long as there is network) I can't wait to try it out!

MOVIES: (just gotta share) I just watched 'Sling Blade' today. Now I know what my bf is talking about when he asks in a strange voice for some french fried potaters... mmm hmmm. (lol) Though seriously, it was a great movie... and I can't stop thinking about it.
I also watched 'The Man with 2 Brains' a few days ago with Steve Martin. HA! fun little movie. The drunk driving test scene keeps playing in my head ~ and I keep singing the song 'If you like-a me and I like-a you and we like-a both the same...' etc etc. :) :)


3D manipulated babydoll in progress! What is up with my colors lately?
I'm thinking... gold hair. OR whatever it is emanating from her head. Rays of creative inspiration it is!
I also started a 3D hand for a commission, perhaps I'll share photos with that later.

"Wind Blown Memories"
10" x 10" painting on panel ~ acrylic, collage and oil pastel. available.

Sumi ink on Yupo paper - experimenting with a new technique.
Now framed, and available.

A ~nice~ little 5" x 7". "Curiosity". available $25.

A strange compilation of line, dreams and colors. 16" x 20"
"These stories are not yet Written" ~ available

In the sketchbook.

in the sketchbook. Inspired after finding a freshly emerged cicada.

More sketches. Ideas pertaining a cd cover commission.

OK internet, I bid thee farewell. I need to sleep SOME... I Get up VERY early tomorrow to
paint at the T.C. Steele paint out! Its my once or twice a year opportunity to attempt and possibly reject
traditional subject matter, but I do enjoy it however, and I like to paint from life when I get a chance.
I can't promise my imagery will STAY in the realm of completely from life, but hey, I'm here because I'm me right? I wonder if there will be slight controversy again. ....
(ok, quick story time - I won first in my category one year, but the image turned out to be mainly swirls and bright colors, inspired by the trees I was painting. Very non traditional, but the event is mostly traditional - so there was some apparent controversy with the judges. HOWEVER, earlier while I was painting it I had given up hope of competing, and frustrated with my image, I merely resorted to having fun with color experimentation and swirly shapes. So funny I won first prize. )


*post FIN... if I went back to daily posting, I'd probably have less to post about* or not... ? the eternal query: to share or not to share (all the time)? ... that is the question. 

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