Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What happens at the studio, does not stay in the studio....

Greetings Internet!
Here are some updates from the studio.

First of all, took some old stretcher frames, removed the old work and started some new pieces.
Its been a while since I did a big painting. I wonder what my automatic drawing style will look like bigger, and as a painting. We shall see!

2 new pieces in progress, the first one is about 36" high.


I also saved my largest college painting from the basement. I will be removing the work and restretching canvas on the frame for a new work. WOW, thats going to be epic!! 7 feet high!

Of course, its very easy to get sucked into another dimension while at the studio. Dave somehow got himself locked on the other side of these window doors. You can't blame me, I had NOTHING to do with it... I just took photos. *chuckle*

This girl is looking more and more realistic every day. The mannequin almost needs a name now!

My sister Carolyn visits the studio all the way from MIAMI!! (few weeks ago)
Ok, she was visiting because of a hospital scare with dad (false positive on heart trouble, all ok now) But I'm so glad she had a chance to stop in before going to the airport.

Had another visitor to the studio yesterday - This is Natasha working on her leather masks. We met her at one of the horror conventions, and she was passing through Indy for the Pagan Pride Festival and the Fishers Renaissance Faire. Mmm Leather Tasty.

Oooh more storm trees!!
I plan to many a lot of these.
My regular ones are $60 - $75. These smaller ones are available for $40. (6" x 6" masonite)

A tree woman in progress on yupo paper. 8" x 10".

Ok Ok, not everything on this blog post is from the studio.
I helped my dad out with the Columbus, IN. Iron Pour on Friday last week - this is the sand block I carved. Iron was then poured into it and I have yet to see the finished product. I'll post when I do.

Here are more sand blocks other people did. We sealed them with some sort of fluid,
and set fire to it. 
For fun. 
...and to seal the sand block/smooth it out for the iron.
There were about 100 community sand blocks.

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