Saturday, September 17, 2011

Today's Special (doodle)

My sister Carolyn was able to see my studio today. :)
I drove to pick her up to take her to the airport, and greeted my father who (as we now know) has a very healthy heart (yay!)
...(and who is coincidentally one of the 10% who tested a false positive for heart blockage after an echocardiogram.)
Anyway, she visited, we had lunch,and it made me happy. After I took her to the airport, D and I came back to the studio for some possible arting.
After getting slammed by my brain (pleading for a nap) I finally did some doodling - this is what I made.

Will do something more with this later.

After that, I was still a bit sleepy but I decided to finish making an inventory list , at least for the rest of the medium sized originals. woo, data entry. Also, dave got creative with some imagery , and I took photos (will upload another time perhaps)

What else... I paid for a table at Horrorhound in Cincinnati! Need final confirmation, but it is hopefully a go!

I realize now that I'm read to pass out.  I was up early and did driving. No wonder!

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