Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 13!

Today is a late post due to actual paid work! Yay!

Yesterday (the 13th of January) I finished up the Sketchbook Project sketchbook and sent it off today.

I did a few more quick painted pages to finish it off, but all I need to post here is the front cover (previously done) the intro page, one more inside page, and the back cover.

Everything else was documented and saved and I'm glad its done. Fun project to be a part of but I'm not in a hurry to participate again.

more minesweeper. bah!


  1. awesome, i thought about this, but knew i would never get through it, i collapse under deadlines-

  2. I didn't want to pay for it either. I have this horrible fear that I am going to work really hard for the moleskin, perfect it to heavens, and then ALL OF A SUDDEN!
    Boom, someone drops my precious book in a toxic mud puddle. Or worse! It gets eaten by a birthday puppy. Or worse! Someone could scan every page of it and call it their own. Lol am I paranoid?