Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day 28 and 29 - back to visuals and rant on sensationalism

Finally I was able to get my art on.

I think when I'm mid-way though some commissions, I avoid working on them because I'm stuck, but I avoid workin on my own art because I'd feel guilty for not working on the commissions, and then I'm stuck doing pointless things like playing minesweeper and clicking aimlessly through the internet.

Day 29 - I finished the main image for a tarot card commission, did a little aceo and filled some sketch pages. I'll wait to post the tarot image until I've heard back from my patron (and I need to make a border and label for it too)
In the meantime, enjoy these!

2.5" x 3.5" aceo, ink and acrylic - available for $9
somewhat inspired by Dave McKean's style in the "Arkham Asylum" comic book.

sketchbook. Includes a dream about large carpet beetle larvae.

Small rant about public taste, instant gratification and Sensationalism!

- I also saw part of a new show, where people have 30 seconds to impress an audience with their awesome talent. Kinda like 'America's got Talent' only, without the constructive criticism. This is pure instant gratification sensationalism. Lets cut out the art, lets cut to the chase and immediately share the punch line, show the grand finale, and get to the peak of the story. Where is the fun in that? No wonder public taste is horrible - no one knows how to appreciate the process, the building up to, and the gentle art of just being creative. Instead we have people that are immediately judgemental on first appearances and demand constant entertainment from those around them. I'm somewhat horrified, but hey, on a shallow day it could be amusing.
Miscellaneous and Inspirations
--- Quote of the day from work "the more influences you have, the more original your work is"
--- Watching my favorite show on tv - "Fringe" - how can this not be inspiring! fave quote: "after all, we do share 50% of our DNA with a banana." - Walter
--- Watched the movie "UP" - I am reminded of how much the concept of 'nostalgia' makes me cry. a LOT.
--- Watched the first half of "The Fountain" on Netflix - very surreal movie - I remember reading the graphic novel illustrated by one of my favorite artists, Kent Williams. I am interested to see how the story progresses in live action. So far its done very well! very wondrous visuals!
-I was directed to the interesting giant wood weaving work of Patrick Dougherty - Link.
- I was also directed to the performance art of Marina Abramović - some very bawlsy and dangerous work, creepy at times, such as laying out 70 objects for anyone to use on her how they wish while she remained passive for 6 hours- some that could be pleasurable, some that could be painful, including a gun with one bullet. Interesting but batshit crazy way to study the human mind. I Read about it at the Wikipedia link.

Learn more about Marina Abramović on the page about her: >>Click here <<
I find it wonderful to look in all sorts of places for inspiration. There are even more things I mentally ingested in these 2 days, but I can't share them all!!

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