Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 21 - oil study and more focus on hair changes

The day was actually quite productive, but most of it, I'm not sharing yet visually, so here's what I am sharing - an oil study of myself with the new doo. Freshly washed and softly settled onto my head. I do have terribly straight hair.

No, I'm not depressed, I just don't make any facial expressions when doing a self portrait study.
I found some old paper thick paper I had previously painted on, but the texture was going nowhere, so I decided to use it for a study. I already had my oils out for another project.

Ok. Most of the time, my colors are vibrant and drastic. Especially when I work with mixed media on Yupo or something. But when I was learning how to paint at school, I was using oils for the first time, and I was trained to paint from life. I have a very hard taking oils out for a walk in my own recent styles. This was just a study, so I'm not critiquing this little piece as being 'DULL', but it makes me want to try a few more experiments in steering oils toward my own current visual standards. I have tried this a few times, - I've had ~some~ success... but Of course, my training comes in very handy when I need to paint a portrait!

More sketchbook ponderings

Other work
*I am finishing up a commission right now - made a few changes and it is looking pretty good.

*Also, I did some work on the ~comic~ thing I'm doing - I watched the movie "Brooklyn's Finest" to get some references on how police outfits are formed, and that was a much better idea than scraping the images from google search. Granted, I also got stuck for 2 hours getting sucked into the movie, and doing random sketches from it for my own good.
Netflix + printscreen is a very useful tool for getting references and ideas for images!
I stuck together drawings, sketches and my own photo references to formulate how I'm going to lay out the panels on a page. This method seems to make me feel less overwhelmed at the prospect. Why am I having such a hard time doing narrative?! its getting easier. I have to put my perfectionist and anxious thoughts aside like "what if people see this and say 'this girl has no idea what a car, or a police outfit or a building really looks like, she sucks!'" OUT DAMN THOUGHTS! that's what study is for!!


  1. Netflix and screen capture! You are a genius! I never thought to do that. What is the comic about?

  2. generally, it has cops, writers, artists, ghosts, and buildings in it. mix it all up, and you got the thing I'm working on - its an experiment, only going to be a few pages, then it will get pitched somewhere, if it gets accepted as something, we (me and my collaborators) will take it on as a full project.
    Tho... as narrative is new to me, 5 pages is taking me quite a few months to do - I'm learning how to draw things I don't know how to draw and ... because its an independent project with no funds atm. but I want to do good work for it and not just spit something out half assed.