Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day 14 - And now for something completely different

Lets not paint today and say we did!

First of all, I am hungering to do another stop-motion animation. I found a good place in the
living room to set something up. This will serve at the background and 'set'.

The objects you see here are various things in my collection I've found at used shops, and the little creatures are mainly mom's creations. (Catherine Burris) I like to feature them in my few animations.
I have lots of ideas, not sure which one's I'm going to use or not.
I need to make some figures and things to move around and just see what happens. I'm thinking of making something in the context of advertising for an upcoming horror convention I'll be at - to give me focus. If you havn't noticed, most of my work is surreal and nonsensical, I have a hard time sticking with concrete subjects.

Stuff from my own current sketchbook.

My attempt at an angry strong woman crouching down - challenging pose with no reference...

I help out with a drawing class. When I'm not needed I covertly sketch student faces. Sometimes they get transformed, sometimes they get eaten by alien flora.

Fashion FAIL
Ok. I've recently gotten into sewing. I bought a sewing machine mainly to aid in my wacky creations as another art tool - the freehand embroidery setting is great. I have also been craving making strange cloths.
I recently acquired a wicker manniquin - something my family has had for years, and I borrowed it to use as a dress dummy, possibly for a vest idea. This wicker person is lopsided and when my cat Leo was a kitten (16 years ago?) he used to play inside of it. (the legs open to a hollow body)
I have some great ideas, but ... the random wayward haphazard way I paint cannot be applied to cloth... I decided to hand sew some old scrap jeans and tshirt together to create this awesome pile of poop you see in the picture. I may continue to make it worse... it is a learning process after all. I also learned that once you sew something around the belly of the wickerwoman, you cannot take it off again. Basic geometry and physics oops. DOH!

other stuff

-I worked on a small logo commission. As always, will post when done.
-More distractions with MineSweeper.... I'm determined to win on expert. my best so far is down to 17 of 99 bombs.

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