Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 18 -

Physical art took a backseat today, and when that happens, I focus on the mental aspect of creativity. I plot and theorize and ponder. Where is my art going, what themes am I running with now, where do my inspirations come from?

I will sit, staring into space while a cocophony of half formed images pass through my mind - a brainstorming of color and form, light, shadows and fog - it feels like I'm reaching into a side dimension of pure creative energy. I see a lot of reoccurring images and ideas, perhaps these will someday worm their way into a painting.

I also thought about stories and narrative. I have tried writing in the past. I consider my writing to be good, but I have no ... 'glue' to make things coherent. My writing is surreal, segmented, and occasional. I have ideas for stories and an interest in writing bizarre little vignettes, and perhaps they will surface someday, but for now it is a skill I do not practice.
However, I was reading Dave McKean's "Pictures that Tick"

There are fun little written vignettes here accompanied by images. This inspired me.
I started pondering how I might take the art I have and either write a simple story to accompany them, or how I might create some images to go along with some ideas I could write into words. Not all of them would make sense, but not everything in "Pictures that Tick" made sense either. It was personal and beautiful.
I might just try my hand at something like this in the future.

I'm thinking about getting his other book "Cages".

I did spend a small time brainstorming another commission in my sketchbook. I find no harm posting it at this stage.

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