Saturday, September 26, 2009

Art vs. Art - My creation LIVES!

Tonight was the main event for ART vs. ART! Thank you to everyone who voted for me online, at the event, and Screaming for support!

I was reminded of roman battles to the death - the bloodthirsty crowd cheering on the death of beautiful works! Another friend compared it to the "Flesh Circus" scene in the movie "AI"!

I made it to the top 32 (thank you online voters) and at the event, I made it on stage with the top 16! However, I was .2 decibel points away from making it to round 2. THAT is not a failure at all! The WHEEL of DEATH was spun, and I barely missed INSTANT DEATH! *EEP!* (the two previous paintings, including MY favorite - were DESTROYED by instant death! oh no!) My wheel of death option landed on "Cleave it to Beaver" - but first was the auction opportunity - and after holding my breath, it was FINALLY SAVED!

hurrah! It is now in the possession of the wonderful people who own Urban Optics - a kickass eyeglass shop and gallery, they are also currently housing some of my art on the wall!

Time for me to go to bed, its past 4:00 am. Stay tuned for more posts to come, I am enjoying how blogger works!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The beginning of everything

I just started this blog... mainly to watch other blogs. However I may transfer my blog to here eventually...
Currently at lj -

Check out my art: