Sunday, June 3, 2012

Military hero piano

I had nothing to do this Saturday, so I signed up for a Fishers arts council project calling artists to paint pianos with the theme of military heros.
I choseto paint portraits because I love faces, and I can paint them fast. I finished painting the pre-primed piano was finished in under 6 hours!
If there were more time, and it wasnt a volunteer activity, I might have been able to finish the faces even more, but it was fun working under time and material restraints. (the small brushes did not allow for extreme detail.)

Here is the outcome!
More pics can be seen on my facebook.
(hard to link the album from my phone)

I asked friends and family to send pics of their own personal military heros, and I included some from my own side as well. I am left feeling honored I could highlight the personal heroes of those who particiated.
Thank you to the participants, and the organizers!