Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sneaking in the Doodles

Life gets busy.
Its easy to set my mind to work on specific tasks that are related to my paid commissons, or my teaching jobs. Finding time to work on personal projects is very random and haphazard. I have a visual narrative currently on hiatus, my paintings are slowly getting worked on at the most random of times and my goal to start creating a heavy amount of sculptures since August has resulted in only a few explorations: one tiny face, the disjointed beginnings of a larger plan, and recently a small bit of a collaboration with my studio neighbor. (Of which I'm excited to get back to)

But the one thing that remains consistent is my sketchbook. Even if I am too swamped for anything else, I always have my sketchbook ready to capture passing thoughts, imaginative brain drainage, and even moments drawn from life: quick studies from the eye to the hand.

I have not been active on this blog lately, preferring the short sort of facebook blips and updates.
But the Blog wants to come out and play...
So tonight I re-break the ice by sharing some sketches of people I've drawn live.
I have also included entire pages to show my thought process. I use my sketchbook as a notebook for everything. Passing thoughts, dreams, quote captures, to-do lists, AND drawing. I carry it everywhere, and I find it infinitely more useful and cooperative than my iphone. (and a hell of a lot cheaper)

One of the more recent drawings happened while I was watching the band Hog Eye Navvy - This is Wizard, one of the members. I was reminded that the last time 
I drew Hog Eye Navvy, I also drew Wizard.
Something about his beard drew me in. Also included on this page spread are model gestures, notes from a mini-lecture about contemporary traditional fine art galleries,
and a mini comic strip inspired by a ridiculous statement on a commercial.

Here is a closeup of Wizard.

A Portrait Jay Scott Berry, drawn during his magician lecture at Indy Magic Monthly. (OCT 2013)

A portrait of Sal Lizard, while he was telling me one of his 'being Santa' stories.

I had some extra time with this one - I was sitting in on the class of one of my favorite instructors, Jacob Dobson. I drew him lecturing his students. I felt the need to practice my skills with groups and depth.

Some drawings of Students volunteering their faces for the rest of the drawing class. Also included are to-do lists, a non-valid postage sticker, and quotes from Jay's magic lecture.

More students appear in this one, along with other faces from my imagination, and a wacked out figure inspired by 2 sculptures I have completed. Also, more to-do list notes.

If I draw gestures from a model, I get tired of seeing pages full of the same thing - so I shake it up a bit with some wild monsters and wacky colors. The central strip of text was a dream I quickly scrawled after waking.

NOW, back to the projects and commissions at hand!!