Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What happens at the studio, does not stay in the studio....

Greetings Internet!
Here are some updates from the studio.

First of all, took some old stretcher frames, removed the old work and started some new pieces.
Its been a while since I did a big painting. I wonder what my automatic drawing style will look like bigger, and as a painting. We shall see!

2 new pieces in progress, the first one is about 36" high.


I also saved my largest college painting from the basement. I will be removing the work and restretching canvas on the frame for a new work. WOW, thats going to be epic!! 7 feet high!

Of course, its very easy to get sucked into another dimension while at the studio. Dave somehow got himself locked on the other side of these window doors. You can't blame me, I had NOTHING to do with it... I just took photos. *chuckle*

This girl is looking more and more realistic every day. The mannequin almost needs a name now!

My sister Carolyn visits the studio all the way from MIAMI!! (few weeks ago)
Ok, she was visiting because of a hospital scare with dad (false positive on heart trouble, all ok now) But I'm so glad she had a chance to stop in before going to the airport.

Had another visitor to the studio yesterday - This is Natasha working on her leather masks. We met her at one of the horror conventions, and she was passing through Indy for the Pagan Pride Festival and the Fishers Renaissance Faire. Mmm Leather Tasty.

Oooh more storm trees!!
I plan to many a lot of these.
My regular ones are $60 - $75. These smaller ones are available for $40. (6" x 6" masonite)

A tree woman in progress on yupo paper. 8" x 10".

Ok Ok, not everything on this blog post is from the studio.
I helped my dad out with the Columbus, IN. Iron Pour on Friday last week - this is the sand block I carved. Iron was then poured into it and I have yet to see the finished product. I'll post when I do.

Here are more sand blocks other people did. We sealed them with some sort of fluid,
and set fire to it. 
For fun. 
...and to seal the sand block/smooth it out for the iron.
There were about 100 community sand blocks.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Today's Special (doodle)

My sister Carolyn was able to see my studio today. :)
I drove to pick her up to take her to the airport, and greeted my father who (as we now know) has a very healthy heart (yay!)
...(and who is coincidentally one of the 10% who tested a false positive for heart blockage after an echocardiogram.)
Anyway, she visited, we had lunch,and it made me happy. After I took her to the airport, D and I came back to the studio for some possible arting.
After getting slammed by my brain (pleading for a nap) I finally did some doodling - this is what I made.

Will do something more with this later.

After that, I was still a bit sleepy but I decided to finish making an inventory list , at least for the rest of the medium sized originals. woo, data entry. Also, dave got creative with some imagery , and I took photos (will upload another time perhaps)

What else... I paid for a table at Horrorhound in Cincinnati! Need final confirmation, but it is hopefully a go!

I realize now that I'm read to pass out.  I was up early and did driving. No wonder!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

meep! and comparing an old work to current.

Yay, dad fine! No heart procedures.
Just a camera tube up the ol' artery to check the damage, and finding very little.
... they anticipate that what they found can be fixed with meds.

No art today, except in thoughts.
And someone emailed interested in some art.
And I talked about art some.

I mainly played games like solitaire and alchemy (or symbolism on the iphone)
to pass the time while waiting at the hospital.

In Lieu of art created today, I'm going to look at art from pre-2002,
and compare it to a work I did last month.

One goes in cycles. And while advancement can be vast, some things just don't change much.
I didn't even realize the similarity till I went back to my old folders looking for something interesting to post. lol.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

tree people and send good thoughts


Keeping up the groove with tree people.

A sketch I did in my book during work

A piece I started - sumi ink on yupo paper.
(inspired by one of my sketches.)

another sketch from the sketchbook.
Be Original, Own Original Art!
I just gotta mention that some of the work I posted in my last post
is now at my Etsy.

I wonder, as I sit here trying to think if there is anything else
I wish to share, and I remember how 5/6 year ago I used to post all the time about my thoughts and daily happenings... why do I not desire to share such things anymore? *shrug*
I'll give it ago, but I'll be brief.
- Dad is getting heart work done tomorrow, send him good energy.
(I spare the ramble on worries, and how it should be a standard procedure,
and the details, as that is not my story, its his.)
- I started reading Anne Rice's "The Witching Hour". Borrowed from a friend. Otherwise, I've been obsessing over Clive Barker's work.
- I feel bad for having just now killed a beetle for looking like a roach. I like beetles, but I don't like roaches... in the dim light, it looked like a roach. Sorry mr. beetle. :/ Oh wait, research reveals it was a carpet beetle, in which case maybe thats ok. The less carpet beetles there are, the less carpet beetle larvae I have, and that can be a good thing (still, I'd rather have put it outside)
- On a lighter note, I signed up for an event the first weekend of October - 'Horror Weekend' in Gatlinburg TN. I missed the opportunity for any September events. Now I'm waiting on word from Horrorhound's November show in Cincinnati.

Monday, September 12, 2011

9-11-11 productivity, studio + T. C. Steele

The past 2 days have been quite productive, and I am quite pooped!

Lets start with the art I did today.

There is a "Haunted House" show coming up at the Hive Gallery in Los Angeles CA in October. I got this done today and will be sending it there.

6.5" x 14" framed. Acrylic on 300lb hotpress paper,

(I'm also discovering the joys of used frames... finding odd long manipulatable used frames for a good price solves my frame-budget problem. At least for now.)

What else did I do today ~ Wrote a draft for a grant I am applying for, and installed new furniture into the studio. First was one of 2 very HEAVY large flat files. Thanks to dad for bringing it today after we got it ready to travel yesterday. I also now own dad's old pharmacy cabinet. Antique and interesting piece! It is upsidedown because its easier to display that way. And the cabinets still open fine. The cabinets are on a track that allows you to pull it out of the unit, and sideways without it falling over. I foresee interesting storage methods!

OK, onto YESTERDAY and the art!

I attended the T.C. Steel great outdoor art contest. I decided to do mixed media.
One of the first pieces I've done at T.C. Steele that I'm actually very satisfied with.

I'm not sure how long, perhaps around 17".
book page collage in the background to add texture, acrylic for color, and sumi ink for definition.

Me painting. Dad taking a pic. Dave took a pic of dad taking a pic of me painting.

For musical entertainment, Celtica played. I was FASCINATED because they had a field organ that I almost drooled on (I can see me playing this...) And a HURDY GURDY!!! I don't think I had seen heard one in person before!!

PREVIOUS WORKS/commission related

9" x 12" watercolor and acrylic - done as part of a commission toward a CD Cover - the real image is a remix of this and a few other pieces, will post when It is ready to post.

And a movie cover "To Haunt You" by Liberty or Death Productions. :)
Original 11" x 14" acrylic on bristol paper.

Friday, September 9, 2011


First, some RAMBLES on RANDOM Updates.
I have one depressing day where a demon of idleness and frustration farts in my ear for several hours and the next day is a train-ride of productivity. WOO! I'll take it I guess.

Things are both picking up and slowing down - I missed the opportunity to get into an event I was sorta hoping to do (Lexington Scarefest), but was hesitant as I need to juggle which events I MUST do (the bohemian $ juggle, I'm sure most of you are familiar with the act?) Anyway... Yesterday must have given me an extra hour or 2 in the day to make up for wasted time the day before. Self drive *YAY!! SCREAM, its the MAGIC WORD!* kicked in and stuff happened! Art was done, errands were run, frames were found and manipulated, people contacted, information found out, etc etc.

I am currently waiting on word from the HORRORHOUND staff on whether the event is already sold out or not. If room is available, I will be at the next event in Cincinnati. *crosses fingers* ... NEED MORE CONVENTION. Speaking of which,,, I got my square device in the mail... so I can take credit card payments at my next event... (so long as there is network) I can't wait to try it out!

MOVIES: (just gotta share) I just watched 'Sling Blade' today. Now I know what my bf is talking about when he asks in a strange voice for some french fried potaters... mmm hmmm. (lol) Though seriously, it was a great movie... and I can't stop thinking about it.
I also watched 'The Man with 2 Brains' a few days ago with Steve Martin. HA! fun little movie. The drunk driving test scene keeps playing in my head ~ and I keep singing the song 'If you like-a me and I like-a you and we like-a both the same...' etc etc. :) :)


3D manipulated babydoll in progress! What is up with my colors lately?
I'm thinking... gold hair. OR whatever it is emanating from her head. Rays of creative inspiration it is!
I also started a 3D hand for a commission, perhaps I'll share photos with that later.

"Wind Blown Memories"
10" x 10" painting on panel ~ acrylic, collage and oil pastel. available.

Sumi ink on Yupo paper - experimenting with a new technique.
Now framed, and available.

A ~nice~ little 5" x 7". "Curiosity". available $25.

A strange compilation of line, dreams and colors. 16" x 20"
"These stories are not yet Written" ~ available

In the sketchbook.

in the sketchbook. Inspired after finding a freshly emerged cicada.

More sketches. Ideas pertaining a cd cover commission.

OK internet, I bid thee farewell. I need to sleep SOME... I Get up VERY early tomorrow to
paint at the T.C. Steele paint out! Its my once or twice a year opportunity to attempt and possibly reject
traditional subject matter, but I do enjoy it however, and I like to paint from life when I get a chance.
I can't promise my imagery will STAY in the realm of completely from life, but hey, I'm here because I'm me right? I wonder if there will be slight controversy again. ....
(ok, quick story time - I won first in my category one year, but the image turned out to be mainly swirls and bright colors, inspired by the trees I was painting. Very non traditional, but the event is mostly traditional - so there was some apparent controversy with the judges. HOWEVER, earlier while I was painting it I had given up hope of competing, and frustrated with my image, I merely resorted to having fun with color experimentation and swirly shapes. So funny I won first prize. )


*post FIN... if I went back to daily posting, I'd probably have less to post about* or not... ? the eternal query: to share or not to share (all the time)? ... that is the question.