Friday, August 26, 2011

sketches, work in progress, dreams, books

Yesterday I took a trip to Borders to say my goodbye - there are still a lot of good things there. I might go back, but I don't really had the room for more books! I found a neat book "Art Revolution: Alternative Approaches for Fine Artists and Illustrators" - - amazon link
Pretty too look at, probably fun to read - I'm inspired and frustrated as always when I pick up a great book like this - inspired because its neat and I can identify. frustrated because I feel less unique and talented. (Stupid words, stupid thoughts, but valid thoughts none-the-less, and I know I'm not alone in these thoughts - they are good to share)
I realize I need to take a picture of all my bookshelves sometime, just for fun. Maybe next post. 

Also, a good chunk of my day was spent figuring out my next step with my phone company. I am now on a slightly cheaper plan, but have upgraded to a *gasp* smart phone with a data plan. This is so I can use that squared app thingy that takes credit cards. This is so I don't lose sales at my next event due to my inability to take said credit cards. Hurrah for keeping up with technology and being a *gasp again* business person!

Anyway, lets get to some of the art and art progress. 


I included this because of the 2 women - me in a dress I wear during the fringe show, and the other is my surreal rememberance from another fringe show. 
Based on a photo I took behind the Indy convention center during gencon. Somewhat stormy day and factory.  

strange creature 

I actually drew this during Chicago Comic Con when I was feeling particularly drained. 


A small work in progress on masonite - not sure what to put in the middle, or if this is going
to be a smaller section of something large.

part of the Cook Theatre. I took this the other day when going to see a fringe show. I loved the shapes in the building.

As an artist, I keep asking myself all sorts of WHYs. and WHAT. What am I doing? Why? What is my focus? How can I connect with other people? Is there something wrong with personal work, can I make personal work connect to others? Do I illustrate? Am I a fine artist? Is the midwest good for me? How can I justify my nonsense and randomness? What do I do with OLD work, or work I don't like?
There may or may not be answers to these questions, but these questions are what keep me wanting to reinvent myself. I feel like I'm on a step up, but unsure of my current footing (artistically). 

Again, tell me your dreams. ...  

Sunday, August 21, 2011

share with me your dreamtime

Come... Share with me stories of dreams, or dream like states. 
When have you crossed worlds?
What did it feel like?
Do you walk between?

What do you dream....

Saturday, August 20, 2011

keeping it going, studio, wwchicago comic con sketches

Here are some sketches form Wizard World Chicago Comic Con.
By the way, it was a blast. And getting to meet some of my favorite artists is always inspiring!
Ok, be prepared, I have a lot of photos to share. The rest can be seen at my facebook. If you havn't already seen them. But this is a different format, for differently formatted people...

A Nagaesque woman-snake, and "Brain Girl" - "Brain girl decided she didn't want to be a plant, she wanted to be an AIRPLANE instead!" (This was a drawing I did later in the day and was quite loopy by then - Saturday was exhausting by the sheer numbers of people that just existed at the convention.) Both 5" x 7" Sumi ink drawings still available - $25 ea.

Book page paintings - "A Dark Thought" and "Secret Information". Both still available $25 ea.

"Swept Away with Dreams" - 8" x 10" sumi ink and watercolor. (still available, $45)

Meeting with some of my favorite artists - Bill Seinkeiwicz and David Mack. I also Meet James O'Barr, but he was absent from his table when I had my camera. Also, Mark A. Nelson - to see more photos, from this event - go to my Facebook album

A bit of advice for all you BIG artists out there, dont get stuck with only ONE TABLE! Poor Larry Elmore, trying to fit 100+ poster prints on his one table. Mixup in table distribution!
Also, image of me drawing my 'assignment' at the Drink and Draw event.

STUDIO pretty much set up! Here is a work in progress I started a few months ago. I think it looks like fairy graffiti. Also, a peek at my walls.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


I was in my studio yesterday, and look what I encountered.

Man its been a busy summer!
I just got back from Wizard World Chicago Comic Con Monday, and its already Thursday -
I'm involved in an Indianapolis Fringe Theatre production -
"Andrea Merlyn's Book of Secrets volume 2" - I did the art and have a small part in this magical production.
Fun fun!
I miss Chicago already, wish I could spend more quality time with The G, Blue, and Floyd ~ making art, whistling, singing, laughing and all that jazz. I came home with random 'art' supplies: ceramic tiles, old postcards, and ... toe tags? lol.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

sketches from GenCon

Greetings internet folk.
Here are some sketches I did at GenCon!

5" x 7"drawings. The first is Sumi Ink, the second is sharpie. Both still available at time of posting. 

2 more 5" x 7" sumi ink drawings, also available. 

Detailed playmat commission

 A playmat spot - the closeup and the full thing - also including other cool artists: below my drawing is one by Tommy Castillo (giant zombie), and Larry Elmore to the side (the wizard). I'm sure the other artists are cool too, I just don't know whose they are. :) 

Yup, me and 6 other friends got stuck in an elevator for 40 minutes. It was an adventure. An... idle one.