Thursday, May 13, 2010

Updates and Feeling accomplished

(copied from my LJ post today)

A LOT has been happening lately.
First of all, I want to express my feeling of accomplishment after preparing a new syllabus for a 5 week art appreciation class I'm teaching in June.

I have taught 3 of these so far - 5 week accelerated classes for returning adults... with a huge reading load. I felt these accelerated classes should be outlawed. I spent 3.5 hours lecturing over what they read, trying to cram all the info in, and then if we were at the art museum, to fit time in to see the art.
I have a feeling people walked away hating art more than when they started.

Granted, lecture was pretty much the only way I could do the class, having been hired very last minute, at the same time I got hired last minute for a 16 week class at a different school (same subject) - the second time I taught the 5 week, I was still getting used to the info.
The third time I taught the class, my textbook was completely switched out for a whole new book. So, I had to lecture again, just to keep up with the students.

This time I decided to completely re-arrange things. (providing the book stays the same!!)
No more lecturing over the reading to cram in all the info. First - I'll give them homework assignments / questions to go along with the reading assignment (rather than giving a quiz over the reading and lecture at the end of class). Second, I'll have them bring in images to discuss - these may or may not be related to the reading.
3rd, instead of lecturing over the book, I'll stay with the same time period and show them extra images, provide quotes and other fun materials having to do with the same subject, have a DISCUSSION about the time period - what they learned from reading, what else they know from history, etc. I will sit WITH the students. (hopefully we can arrange the tables in a circle-like form)

FWEW! I'm actually excited about teaching this again. I hope it goes well, because I just put my name down on a 'wish-list' for 2 more 5-week classes in the fall.


I am also excited about art right now.
My work load for summer is less, and I will have lots of time to finish up my Stutz residency properly. (I hope!)


Today I got a letter from Finland, with a little wooden ghost inside, and a letter. This is from an online friend who sent $ for secret surprise art! (See my Surprise art fund button on my website:
) After I sent him art, he sent me this little ghosty as REVENGE. It completely made my day, and I am still giddy about it.
The COOL PART IS... I just started working on an art project thingy that involves ghosts. Oh yeah, gotta love those moments where things in the universe align.


This month has been full of magic. As in performance magic.
D and I have seen so many shows recently!
Last weekend was David Copperfield. This weekend is (I forget the name, but its someone awesome) Then all sorts of great local(ish) shows with awesome local(ish) and not so local magicians. XD
- Been raiding the comic book shop lately, trying to find the stuff with really good crazy arty art styles.
- Movie - rented the new Sherlock Holmes. Loved it. Loved it Lots.
Had the windshield replaced for free today!
was driving on the highway when some fist sized metal thing fell off the back of a truck and slapped my windshield, creating a hand sized spiderweb crack. Thankfully, my insurance covered it all!
Thank you to anyone who sent good energy to someone close to me having trouble with pneumonia. Things are improving!

OK, back to art!