Friday, December 31, 2010

Re-Purposing my Blog for 2011 - Massive Art Extravaganza!

I am getting excited about 2011, and I want to embark on an epic art making experience.
I did a LOT this year, but I didn't blog nearly as much - I found no real point to it.

I kept personal journaling in my sketchbook where I briefly detailed what I did that day, mainly art related. I updated things online on occasion.

For 2011, I want to move that daily record online. It will be for myself, and anyone who wants to follow along. Hopefully it will motivate me to do something even when I don't feel like it. Perhaps I'll even inspire others to find more self drive to do what they dream of doing.
I will also mention any big inspirations that come along on my journey.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Life in my Art

(re-posted from my other online bloggish places for those of you who watch me everywhere, sorry!)

So - I'm finding new life in my art

Inspired by my friend Steven talking about his new years resolution to make ridiculous amounts of art.

I couldn't wait for January. Last night I ignored my normal evening activities of winding down after dinner by getting online and/or watching something interesting.

Instead I played music and created art until about 7:00 am and then (still awake) I read in my Clive Barker book (The Great and Secret Show) for 1/2 an hour before I felt satisfied enough to ... take a nap.

But what did I create?

First of all, I have a new medium. About a week ago, I purchased a sewing machine because of some crazy idea I have about using string in my work and making bags. I have used a sewing machine maybe twice in my life , the last one being in England (freehand stitch) help create ripped paper + art 'foliage' in an installation. I was hooked after that, but was still scared of the sewing machine. Not anymore!! I've been making embroidered patches on paint rags, and have started making bags.

SO, thats one thing I worked on during my art spree...

The other was a breakthrough in my drawing style.
There are a few things leading up to this.

People have always been interested in the way I draw in my sketchbooks. I made a few attempts at doing work inspired by my sketchbook when I had my studio at the Stutz, but I had other larger experiments I wanted to try, and I was still playing with painting on wood.
Now that I'm at home and don't really have room (or the warmth, or money) to work on large-scale work- I'm back to small.

I REALLY LOVE working on paper but have always had the dilemma of not wanting to pay for frames, plus I'm not a fan of putting my work under glass. So, I've avoided making paper art while I could, and I mainly stuck to panel and wood and the occasional stretched canvas for my 'fine art' pieces.

I also don't have my 10" x 10" seawhite of brighton sketchbook anymore, I need an outlet for my art on paper -

THUS... I decided to just start having fun on the paper I have. My acrylics are in the basement where its freaking COLD, but upstairs I got out my watercolors, sumi ink, colored ink, colored pencils, graphite, pens and had a blast!

at about 4:00 am I was awake and didn't want to stop so I kept going!!
I ended up with three 9" x 12" creations, one 5" x 7", a little graphic design piece for a friend, and two embroidered pieces from earlier in the day.

I am extra excited because I believe I can take this to higher ground. I really enjoy doing it and would like to start offering my services more for design work and illustration (if people want a messy splattery dreamy quality) - I don't mind taking this style into commercialism because I know where I stand with the style - usually my work is so schitzo, that as soon as I start working on a project for someone else, I want to change styles - but THIS is the kind of stuff I do anyway - I think my 'sketchbook art' has finally found a more professional and public place in my life.

Here are the 3 big pieces from that night.
Click to be taken to a larger picture at

I'm going to keep trying to make art daily and see where it takes me.
Stay tuned for my occasional updates and plans for conventions in the new year!
(So far, Horrorhound Indy and Days of the Dead, also Indy!)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Done Done Done! - OH, and Halloween!!

Oh joy - Tasks getting done for the Paranormal Scare Fest this weekend!

- Prints ORDERED (done by Thurs) - Local Printer: Simon Skjodt.
- Magnets are DONE!
- New Backdrop PLANNED!
- some small quick fan art done as extras

So... about the art hanging backdrop - I normally use a 7' lattice work with a black cloth to hang my work, but its so bulky and hard to fit stuff around it in my car when I travel. D and I had planned to create a new backdrop out of PVC pipe, but we delayed too long and I decided that I'll just take the lattice again. HOWEVER, Today D noticed a cheap portable coat rack that works perfect!! Its a little shorter, but its STABLE - I pinned a cloth to it and hung art on it and it works!!! So LIGHT and it packs down tiny!! We plan on testing it tomorrow as a taller structure by zip-tying the base to part of a break-down plastic shelving unit, making it about 8' high. YEAH! Tomorrow we get more coat racks and we will be good to go with a LOT more space in the car!!

Ok, I have to at least mention the awesomeness that was this weekend, but its late and I havn't been feeling like expounding upon my experiences poetically - so expect a quick version~

First of all, on SATURDAY, D performed at the White Rabbit Cabaret with Taylor Martin, Berry Rice, and Gavin Rulon - I acted as his assistant. Also at the White Rabbit was the Hasenfeffer troup + - Excellent dancing/choreography!! Very clever. An Excellent Halloween show!!

On Sunday, friends of ours were getting married!! Dru and Maria at Garfield Park. What an excellent idea, awesomeness all around, very pretty, spooky and fun. Afterwards was the Reception at the Melody (reception hall) and the Mel itself hosted a Halloween goth party - also popped in there to see what was up.
I'll have to post more pictures when I get a chance.

(Lyd, D, Dru before the wedding - photo by Devon Kaser)

Afterwards, our good friends V and N stayed over where we ate pizza and discussed snakes, hermit crabs, various states to live in, fluffy bats, traditions, etc until 5 am. It was good.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

connections and mental track hopping + update

I can't help getting excited when I make connections.

I was looking up free movies on Hulu and came across 'Lifeforce' -
I remember renting it a lot as a kid, but I can't remember it.
I really am hoping this is a movie that I have weird memories about, but for the life of me
I haven't been able to find - I explain things I remember, but no one else seems to be familiar with my description... perhaps I made up memories to go along with this movie.

SO. I go to look up a trailor and come across a foreign Lifeforce poster.
It looks REALLY familiar ... sorta like the Crimson Glory - Transcendence album cover.... I show D and he confirms that it IS the same image!

*brain jumps tracks*

SOOooo I go find the album and see that ~YES~ it is... I wonder if they had permission to use it? Because it definitely goes along with the theme of Lifeforce, so I'm assuming the poster came before the album. (by 3 years) They credit the artist of the Album (Takashi Terada), but thats all I can find.

*brain jumps tracks*

No longer concerned about finding more clips from the movie to see if I can find the lost images from my child brain, I go on an online quest to see if anyone else has noticed this connection.
I see one small blurb in a blog response and seemingly deleted entry on an IMDB discussion from the movie.

Anyway, here are the 2 images.

I JUST noticed this ALMOST goes along with the art of my previous post and my obsession about people in 'womb - like' structures. *excited, I just made another connection!... well, more personal mental connection. *

Today I spent time with my sister's family and went to Ethnic Expo in Columbus (IN.) - I experienced 'Rose Lemonade' from the Pakistan food booth - I don't think I'm ready to incorporate 'rose' into a drink flavor, it reminds me too much of purfume... or perhaps their batch just tasted a bit too chemical.

I'll do a bigger art update later.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

people in wombs, again

I feel like sharing today's art. (and yesterday's)
Why am I obsessed with the image of people in wombs?
I know, its about growth and rebirth and the constant search to 'become' oneself. The incubation period, waiting to grow into this huge flowering flora. Thus, my dream to be wholly myself, and recognized for who I am, and the fact that I won't feel 'grown up' until I am making a living from what I ~DO~.

So yeah. People in wombs, eggs, seeds and cocoons.... waiting to emerge.

Don't make me psychoanalyze all the earthy roots and striations in my work.

Thought I'd upload a recent drawing and a digital practice of nearly the same image - I anticipate making an oil painting of this image, and I'm playing with some ideas to solidify it in my mind before I throw myself into a full painting.

First is a 9" x 12" watercolor and ink on thick 185 lb paper (slight texture)
(I found a new love of paper, it comes in a pad labeled 'Acrylic' - reminds me of the heavy hot press paper I like, only this has slight more texture)

(by the way, this colorful watercolor and ink
brain explosion is available for $60.)

Then I decided to play around digitally, because I did not feel like painting quite yet - however, I think I am much better at traditional painting than digital painting. Plus I like physical work, but I do like to play with digital works every so often, I never know when I'll need to use it in the future. I started in Corel Painter 11, but this program frustrates me as I am not used to it. So, I ended up moving it into photoshop to finish it.

(this work is not available,
its digital and was just for practice.)

Ok, Enough blogging for today.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Now that I have your attention...

I just haven't updated for a while and felt it was TIME.
(also, copied from my dA account)

New work is on the way, as I have been busy in my NEW!!(or rather renewed) Leaky Basement Studio!... as I am no longer in the Stutz (my year of free studio ended, and I am not rich enough to afford an external space yet, although I'd like to go back as having a downtown studio provided some awesome opportunities I do not have now, like using it as a professional meeting place in which to show strangers my work.)

My brain keeps going back to stop motion action... maybe I'll have time to work on it one of these days.

I cannot wait for the Horror con shows in November.

I have ordered a sketchbook from Art House Co-Op for the SKETCHBOOK PROJECT.
I finally gave in. I like the idea of it, even though I'm basically giving away free art for it. I am still in 2 minds about it, and not sure how my brain will conform to the idea of doing a 'sketchbook' with a specific theme vs. the random shit I throw in my sketchbook normally. At least most of my art goes along with the theme 'science project gone wrong' - also... I am torn between doing something really kickass and creative, or saving my super duper creative kickass-ness for something more ... sellable. I think I'll just put some crazy 'wrong-science' doodles in and send it in. I have till January.
BUT I HAVE TO PARTICIPATE regardless, I am a huge advocate of Sketchbooks as art. So, I consider it my donation to the world of sketchbook art ... PLUS it will be in their permanent sketchbook library collection, with a library code and everything. ^^
Tho, speaking of sketchbooks, I am inspired to start carrying a smaller mole-skine like sketchbook in which to do awesome work in for myself.

One of my inspirations for this is Nomi Chi - Her sketchbook work is Epic and awesome. Her art is kickass too, but I really really drool over the sketches.

**I was included in an article about Comic Artists -
I may not really be doing 'comics' yet, but I slid in under the umbrella! Thanks to Stuart Sayger for leading the writer to me!

ART vs ART main event is this FRIDAY at the Vogue!!!

That is all for now!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Stutz Residency ends with a BANG! And an art show! Also other updates

SEPTEMBER 3rd - First Friday - 5-9 pm

See the Stutz Press Release for a great description of my and Patrick's work.

_____The Stutz Residency_______

In August 2009, so many of my career seeds sprouted at once, kickstarting this year into one of the best yet. I was offered 2 part time art appreciation Teaching jobs and I was one of the 2 recipients of the Stutz Residency Award - This allowed me to have a free studio for almost a year at the Stutz Building in Indianapolis.
My self drive went up, my professionalism spiked, and I met some pretty cool people while at the Stutz.


Now it is ending - I'm in the process of packing up the studio and bringing things home. (where am I going to put all this STUFF?! I have a big basement... but that means I have to organize, clean it again and possibly get a dehumidifier)
I'm in the process of talking with some buddies about possibly sharing a space, but the expense would be something to consider NOT lightly... I'm at a point where my art is just starting to take off. If this trend continues, and I do well at the next events I've signed up for - I shouldn't have a problem, but I don't want to make any deals I can't deliver yet.

I'm actually looking forward to working at home for a while, and have all of my supplies in one place. My biggest concern is keeping a downtown presence. Having a professional space to show people my work is a huge advantage. In the meantime, I will start looking for businesses in which to hang my work (cafes, shops, etc)

____CONVENTIONS, Especially horror ones_________

My biggest focus right now is finding events to vend at. Specifically Horror cons. Financially, I tend to do best at these events so far, and I really love the people at atmosphere. I have truly found a big branch of my family in the horror entertainment industry! I am not surprised by this, as I have been mad about dark and scary things since I was a little child. YES, its true darnit. I remember drawing monsters in kindergarten. Sure, they look like squiggly lines if you can find those old drawings, but I remember they were monsters.

This last weened I was at Paranormal Scare Fest (in TN) - while it was small and poorly attended, I'm not complaining. I'm not sure if it was fluke, mistake, luck, or talent, but I managed to do quite well at the event while around me I heard many grumblings and vendors were leaving early. I ended up spreading my prints out on the empty table next to me and stayed there till I was the last one.

_______Non-Money Talk________

I find myself talking lot about vending and events and advertising and building funds, etc. Sometimes I feel I've lost touch with expressing experiences and emotions. Perhaps my dilemma is the fact that I don't like to talk about specific people online without their permission. I don't speak other peoples business. And I havn't been in the mood to express my own emotions and/or personal stories online. I almost feel that it is a 'chore' to relay these experiences, so I stick to the basics of what, where, and when. Then, when I AM in the mood to ' blog' or whatever, I'm way behind on my stories, and there is too much to tell in one post, so I simplify it too much.


thats about it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Prints Available

Greetings Friends!

I have created a website where you can buy prints directly through paypal.
Easy Peasy!

These are good quality gloss prints on 100lb card stock.

If you have any requests or questions, don't hesitate to send me a message. I can make prints of almost anything I post here, and I may already have a print of something that is not listed on the print page.


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Big Weekend - Gencon and Fringe Lightbox

This PAST weekend was, to put it simply, Awesome.

I had an art table at GenCon, and it was the best yet in presentation and in sales.
Photos can be found on my Facebook page.

Our 'weekend' Started on Wednesday - we set up in the afternoon, I went to work for a few hours, and then we went to the first night of the Dark Mardi Gras gencon club night, run by friend Rony. (I also did the flyers) Xiting the Systm played - their music was great, and they had an awesome lightshow. I bought a CD.

Thursday was the start of the show. D was my helper, and our table neighbor was David Wong, friend and unofficial business adviser. (lol) One of my heads "Rotted Screaming Bad" sold, and that made my day!
That night we went home briefly and back downtown for another Dark Mardi Gras after party. Bottoms Up Burlesque showed, along with Fire Dancer Neris and Molly WyldFyre.

Friday was a big day - The show went pretty well - We had a LOT more prints this time. Especially more choices for 11" x 17" prints. (Available prints can also be seen on my facebook page HERE - Although I do plan on making a page for them on my website that will make them easier to pay automatically, with paypal buttons and everything. Maybe in a week or 2.

FRIDAY EVENING - Over to the histori
c Firestation - on the side of which is a 29 ft across lightbox - This year, it features my artwork done for and inspired by the IndyFringe Festival!
Friday night was the unveiling of
the new art!
A Small article on the Nuvo Site exp
lains it briefly: HERE.

We pulled some people from GenCon, dad showed up and several others. To celebrate the new art, Fringe organized snacks and a firedancer troup! It was awesome.
Thank you to everyone that came out and to all the supporters out there!

Now, onto Saturday, and the rest of this post will be quick and brief - as I had this drafted for about a week and I want to get it posted. (I'm behind on social networking, lol)
- Pretty good day at the con.
- Get to have sushi in the evening with some very good buddies - good food and good stories and good business advice!
- After food, got over to the Hyatt to hang out with more art and convention buddies.
- drove home late, passed out.

- another great day at the con, sad to see it end, but ready for it to be over. It was very busy and the most successful con yet!
- After packing up, we head over to a huge art party at the Spaghetti factory - the traditional gencon ending, complete with food play and food sculpture.

I'm sure there is more, but that is all for now.

The latest news was that D took me on a Gondola ride for my 30th birthday. Hurrah! What fun!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

NYC, and other things I've been doing on vacation

Just a quickish post. ish.

This past 2 weeks have been awesome (or almost 2 weeks)
D and I are visiting his family in Connecticut where we have
- played plenty of games in the evening like contract rummy, fill or bust, and upwords.
- eaten copious amounts of tasty food
- been VERY silly
- visited old buddies of Dave
- visited his friend's workplace: an awesome music studio where many awesome people have come to record music.
- had a big family get-together lunch where D got to see and hold his baby Niece!
- visited the sea wall
- seen a live band and a few tricks by a localish magician
- played duck pin bowling (my first time)
- Drove just into NY (not the city) to see JEFF McBRIDE - AWESOME MAGICIAN - it was a small intimate setting where he was even greeting people at the door - and we stayed for a 2 hour lecture afterwards. How awesome is that?!

We also visited Vermont where we got to
- see my aunt, uncle and cousin
- play the Wii (my first time!)
- visit the Fairbanks museum of natural history and planetarium in St. Johnsbury.
Incidently... while in St. Johnsbury, we drove past the museum and decided to drive around the block so we could find a good parking space further back.... driving around the block on in a MOUNTAIN VILLAGE is not an easy task! We ended up on this VERY STEEP AND THIN CURVY hill going DOWN down down down and then wound our way back up the street... awesome and a bit scary but we ended up where we wanted to go. :)
The Fairbanks is this small museum with a bit of everything from geology, stuffed animals, plant displays, civil war history, cultural history (such as an egyptian mummy next to another section with a miniature Japanese temple display) , antique toys, and .... some paintings made from bugs - mainly moths and beetles, created by John Hampson - there is a Roadside America report about it HERE.
See image below - THAT is all made of moths and beetles.

We visited my cousin Lily in NEW YORK CITY! I have never been there before!
Well, I take that back. I have a vague memory of being in NYC as a kid - so vague a memory I wasn't sure I made it up. I have been told that I was brought to the Statue of Liberty.
BUT. while we were there we
- visited a few galleries - one was the Joshua Liner gallery - very cool , the artists currently on exhibit were Sylvia Ji and Travis Louie
- saw a man dressed in a shirt composed of an old dirty ripped flannel and newspapers - he seemed normal (enough) and smiling, talking to someone until he sat down and suddenly he transformed into the most pitiful creature on the planet, and holding out a cup for money- now thats an art form.
- visited Lily's appt - tiny but nice!
- walked on a raised railroad track transformed into a beautiful walkway and garden. Awesome!
- Visited central park. Beautiful. Awesome. Rocks and hidden areas. We saw a man practicing his golf putting in a small cleared dirt area next to some bushes, a Rastafarian man selling hair wraps for money or weed, and we walked on a huge rock hill overlooking a small fair and from the top of the rock was a wonderful view of the city above the trees.
I had a blast.

Today is our last day in Connecticut. we end it with a small family get together. We have done so much this year and I think I'm inspired and ready to hop back into art!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

quick update

I'm in Connecticut!

Last weekend was Famous Monsters Con -it was awesome.
Pictures on Facebook. I was in a GREAT spot in the hallway. The neighboring artists to the left of me were Primo and Jay Fife. Dick Starr was to the right. We had a good time.
Even Mother showed up with one of her scary heads.

And this 2 week period D and I are visiting his family in Connecticut - and possibly some of my family in Vermont. Might get to NY too.

How exciting was that post, eh?
I'm not very wordy lately.

Friday, July 9, 2010

getting ready for the con season

Tomorrow is FAMOUS MONSTERS CONVENTION! This will be the first specifically ~HORROR~ Convention I vend at. I am very excited!

Tonight I have just finished creating about 87 magnets for tomorrow. I ordered magnet sheets almost a week ago, got photo printouts today, stuck them on the magnets, used an exacto to cut the magnets out generally, and scissors to smooth each edge.

I also ordered some new prints (finished today), and a second edition of my Brain Candy book (to be picked up tomorrow).
Today was my last art appreciation class of the once a week, 5 week Indiana tech class I'm teaching. I picked up my evaluation forms earlier, did errands, and then went to the IMA where the class was being held. This is the first time I've felt 'in my element' teaching this class - I rearranged the info I was presenting and changed my teaching style to allow less lecture, and more appreciation. I also feel the students were very happy and enjoyed the class, and did not want to shoot me in the knee cap, as I suspected my previous students wanted to do. (too much info, too much lecture, not enough appreciation... 5 weeks only leaves so much room to digest info) I still have to get my grades in by Monday eve ... with the monster convention and packing for a 2 week vacation after Monday, this should be interesting.
What else did I do today? worked on a flyer and some work for a comic project.

BUSY MUCH? Nah, not me!

Oh. And a few days ago, I bought a 25 pound bag of CLAY. I have cravings to work in clay, and have for about 2 years (I even wrote the urge in my sketchbook 2 years ago) FINALLY. I have clay.

the latest: Grünewald is now "PRINCE" Grünewald, as he has changed from his old green shell to a slightly smaller purple shell. He has also found his ZEN spot on the top of a stick. he LOVES to climb. But I have yet to see him eat anything.
Ronymus has been hiding all day and evening in a larger shell (while still attached to his old shell) so it looks like a sort of yen-yang of 2 shells flowing together. This is not the first time he has attempted to live in 2 shells. I wonder what he's thinking... does he hear the ocean in this shell? is it comforting? Is he looking for a larger friend to play with? Does he have SHELL ENVY???
Blake just likes to dig lately.

Monday, July 5, 2010

monster baby art purchase

While setting up at the Inconjunction show Friday, I fell in love with the art of Joseph Gubocki, his work featured on a table.
Absolutely the most gorgeous freaks of ceramic invention on earth; twisted hook limbs, misfits of nature gone awry, baby faces conjoined with monstrous crustacean bodies and hellish creatures waiting to burn the world (some of them were oil lamps)

Unfortunately he doesn't seem to have a website and I freakin FORGOT to take a photo of his table. GAH.

BUT I CAN show you the precious baby face I brought home today - he gets along well with his fiendish friends (the other babies are assemblages by mother)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

ART, Downtown Lightbox, Fringe Programs, and hermit crabs

First of all, Awesome News:

My work has been selected to grace the pages of the 40,000 Indianapolis Fringe Festival programs, buttons, advertisements and more - PLUS, the work will be featured on the GIGANTIC LIGHTBOX on the corner of Mass. Ave and St. Clair st.... The image here is just a teaser, the full image will be unveiled the Evening of Friday August 6th. This falls on a GenCon night - if you happen to be at GenCon - you'll have to swing by and check it out either at the unveiling or after! The image will be up for ONE YEAR. Huzzah!


In other news, I am exhausted today!

Thursday night, Dave and I finally got out of the house and went to Tru (club in broadripple) - we danced and I sold some brain candy booklets, all was good.
Friday (yesterday) I set up some art at Inconjunction in the morning/afternnoon, went to the studio to work on a cd cover, then we went out AGAIN (2 nights in a row!) to see Slick Idiot with Mona Mur. Excellent live music, I havn't danced that hard in a long time.

Today, we were going to go to Incon, but its too pricy for our interests (we just wanted to walk around and talk to people) and I am utterly pooped out. I'm trying to get some stuff done tho.


By the way, did I blog about my new hermit crabs yet?

My niece had one, and didn't want it anymore - I thought the hermit crab was awesome, so I took him. I renamed him Ronymus (his prev. name was Pizza) - and after about a week and 1/2, I bought him a 10 gal tank (recommended by the pet store), 2 friends, and other things needed. I had fun filling the tank with things to use/play with. His 2 friends are smaller, one in a red shell named Blake, and one in a green shell named "Grünewald". I am sticking to a theme here.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

BRAIN CANDY - weird little art book NOW available!


I am very excited to announce that I have completed "BRAIN CANDY, a weird little art book by Lydia Burris"

This book consists of 12 images that are an expression of my brain exploding in book form.
I've combined sketches and photos and drawings and misc. art and words digitally to create one crazy little art book. the 12 images included the front and back cover - 13 images if you count the opening info page, which is also a bit crazy.

I have 60 books currently. They are $10 each. I accept paypal and checks, add $2 for s&h.

Ths weekend I will be selling them at origins.
At some point, I'll do another print run - second edition.
EACH ONE comes with an ORIGINAL doodle on the back page.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


Greetings online journal and those watching.
I have not been posting of my mediocre midwest adventures as of late because I have been feeling less chatty. Even my sketchbook wasn't receiving my daily doses of brain-word-splatter as I sometimes go through periods of non-journaling. I find it pointless at times to rattle off personal chatterings to myself or ohers. But perhaps it is time for a small update with a recap of me lately.

First of all, lets start with the small stuff and the now stuff.
I am just getting over a nasty dual layer skin peeling reptilian-looking sunburn on my shoulders. Its fascinating. Now that the pain is gone. ¬¬
Thats what I get for signing up for a small outdoor artfair and not bringing a canopy. And even though I didn't make my $ back, I got to bond with other awesome artists and listen to some cool music.

Speaking of art events, this summer is shaping up to be crazy busy. I will be attending several events and conventions. Just as I begin to wonder if I signed up for too much, I remember that I'm trying to make a career out of this art thing, and that this is probably what I'm supposed to be doing - and I still work less than regular jobbed people.

June 12th - I did have my art at LCi art fair. (where I got the sunburn)

I will have my art at:
June 25-27th --- ORIGINS fantasy and Gaming convention, OH.
July 2-4th --- INCONJUNCTION - Indianapolis - sci-fi, fantasy, gaming convention.
July 9-11th --- Famous Monsters Convention, Indianapolis
August 5-8th --- GenCon gaming and fantasy convention, Indianapolis
August 27, 28th ---- (possible) Paranormal Scare Fest - Tennessee
August ? - possible art show for something yet to be announced
September 3rd --- Stutz Residency Show, Indianapolis (runs until the 23rd)
September 18th --- ORANJE INDY - art festival, Indianapolis
September 18th --- possible participation in MASTERPIECE in a DAY even, Indianapolis
September 11th, 24th - possible participation in the ART vs ART event, Indianapolis

Other than that, modeling and teaching have kept me afloat.

What else?
I'm working on a comic, a stop motion animation, a little booklet of sketches to print and sell at conventions, Various experiments in the studio involving abstraction, plaster, pour on polymer stuff, acrylic medium, tissue paper, drawing, snake skin, etc.

- A few days ago, I took a long walk to draw things and people by the canal and on a whim, I went to see where a friend works - he graciously showed me a Scanning Electron Microscope, and other things in his science tech world. (Thanks Cliff!!)
- Yesterday I sat in a coffee shop and drew the building next to it so I can get in some architecture practice.

And I still call myself LAZY? yeah.

Also, I am now proud to say that I am an official business. Lydia Burris LLC.

I think thats about all.
Here are some visuals from my recent sketches out in the open world.

A building (blue line pencil, NO rulers)

A little bubbly fountain thing

some people by the canal

I'm sure there is more that I'm missing but I'm done writing. :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Updates and Feeling accomplished

(copied from my LJ post today)

A LOT has been happening lately.
First of all, I want to express my feeling of accomplishment after preparing a new syllabus for a 5 week art appreciation class I'm teaching in June.

I have taught 3 of these so far - 5 week accelerated classes for returning adults... with a huge reading load. I felt these accelerated classes should be outlawed. I spent 3.5 hours lecturing over what they read, trying to cram all the info in, and then if we were at the art museum, to fit time in to see the art.
I have a feeling people walked away hating art more than when they started.

Granted, lecture was pretty much the only way I could do the class, having been hired very last minute, at the same time I got hired last minute for a 16 week class at a different school (same subject) - the second time I taught the 5 week, I was still getting used to the info.
The third time I taught the class, my textbook was completely switched out for a whole new book. So, I had to lecture again, just to keep up with the students.

This time I decided to completely re-arrange things. (providing the book stays the same!!)
No more lecturing over the reading to cram in all the info. First - I'll give them homework assignments / questions to go along with the reading assignment (rather than giving a quiz over the reading and lecture at the end of class). Second, I'll have them bring in images to discuss - these may or may not be related to the reading.
3rd, instead of lecturing over the book, I'll stay with the same time period and show them extra images, provide quotes and other fun materials having to do with the same subject, have a DISCUSSION about the time period - what they learned from reading, what else they know from history, etc. I will sit WITH the students. (hopefully we can arrange the tables in a circle-like form)

FWEW! I'm actually excited about teaching this again. I hope it goes well, because I just put my name down on a 'wish-list' for 2 more 5-week classes in the fall.


I am also excited about art right now.
My work load for summer is less, and I will have lots of time to finish up my Stutz residency properly. (I hope!)


Today I got a letter from Finland, with a little wooden ghost inside, and a letter. This is from an online friend who sent $ for secret surprise art! (See my Surprise art fund button on my website:
) After I sent him art, he sent me this little ghosty as REVENGE. It completely made my day, and I am still giddy about it.
The COOL PART IS... I just started working on an art project thingy that involves ghosts. Oh yeah, gotta love those moments where things in the universe align.


This month has been full of magic. As in performance magic.
D and I have seen so many shows recently!
Last weekend was David Copperfield. This weekend is (I forget the name, but its someone awesome) Then all sorts of great local(ish) shows with awesome local(ish) and not so local magicians. XD
- Been raiding the comic book shop lately, trying to find the stuff with really good crazy arty art styles.
- Movie - rented the new Sherlock Holmes. Loved it. Loved it Lots.
Had the windshield replaced for free today!
was driving on the highway when some fist sized metal thing fell off the back of a truck and slapped my windshield, creating a hand sized spiderweb crack. Thankfully, my insurance covered it all!
Thank you to anyone who sent good energy to someone close to me having trouble with pneumonia. Things are improving!

OK, back to art!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Updates - open studio - art - stuff

I've been BUSY. BUSY. BUSY.

This past week was the Stutz ART OPEN HOUSE!
(over 70 artists open their studios to the public for 2 days of madness, entertainment and art - this happens once a year, so its pretty big)
With the help of Dave - it was a blast and I made a good great profit!

I made a bunch of 5" x 7" small artworks for the show but surprisingly, my buttons sold like hot-cakes. I sold a few small paintings on wood - its EXCITING when someone wants to buy something I've already made! Overall, I had a FREAKING GREAT response to my bizarre art. I even made a 'Warning' sign out front - something about nudity, strange pathways, ambiguity and darkness - This amused people. ~You CAN'T say I didn't WARN you!~ haha.

As always, after a good BIG show - I am left with more solutions for future shows - this time I ordered a lot of boards and bags - I can seal my prints and originals on paper in these - it looks professional and it will be great for my next convention. Dave encouraged me to order more for the future - it also inspires me to make MORE art on paper - its easier to flip through these than the art portfolios I was putting on my table last time.

Below is a video of my studio set up the night before the show.

----More Art Updates---

After work today - I went to the art store! Part of my profit *HAPPILY* goes back into buying more supplies. :) I got some standard things I needed more of, and I got some new things to experiment with. I eyed the airbrushes and air compressors, but I'm not ready for that yet. Being a mixed media artist can sure get pricey!

I stopped by the studio to pick up my new order of boards and bags (D's bright idea to have them sent to the Stutz - this way they get signed for by the Stutz crew and I don't have to go chasing after it when the postman comes to my door when I'm not here!)

While there, I made a new work on wood - acrylic and ink. I MAY or MAY not seal it with shiny epoxy pour-on stuff. It needs to be sealed somehow due to the ink.

"Storm Tree Dreaming" 7.25" x 8"
acrylic and ink on wood
(available for $80)

AND... here is one 5" x 7" - an example one of the styles I was playing with before the show - Painting directly on book pages.

"Dead Speak" 5" x 7" acrylic on text pages.
(available for $35 - combine with another 5" x 7" for $60)

----------Last but not least---------

Please send healing thoughts to someone very close to me who's having a very rough time with pneumonia.

Monday, March 29, 2010

This weekend was one of the best.

Let me run down briefly what happened.
- Horror Hound Indianapolis, with huge guests, such as CLIVE BARKER, George Romero, Elvira, Doug Bradley... and then some. Also, this was the largest gathering EVER of Horror hosts - somewhere between 70 and 80 were there - blowing the previous record of about 30 something out of the sky - I never realized horror-hosting was such a big deal! It made the event even more interesting and exciting.

I think this is the first time I've actually attended a convention the full time as purely a fan. Sure, some great promo happened, and I gave away some magnets - but I just let loose and was able to enjoy the whole thing.
To understand the entire situation ~ My mother is a huge fan of Clive Barker but could not be there much to her dismay! (recovering from being ill) I promised I would tell Clive and Doug about her/give them her card with her art images on it. I am also a huge fan of Clive Barker (especially) and was determined to see him.

-Friday - we do a bit of shopping, and meet some cool people. When people were packing up, we saw Doug Bradley quickly and I showed him a printout of a drawing I had done for mother as a get well card, including pinhead reminding her of her 'appointment' at horrorhound... and he signed it with best wishes - so sweet and unexpected! D gets to catch up with Ron Fitzgerald (magician) and I find fascination with Menten's mind and art. Huzzah!

Check out Menton's deviantart

- Saturday we get here at 8:30 am to stand in line for tickets to an early uncut version of Clive Barker's Nightbreed, just recently found and compiled from lost archives. 9:10 we get in line for Clive Barker - (even thought he's not supposed to be there until 12:00) - I bought my travel watercolors/pens - and did some art while waiting. that day (and the day before) he wasn't feeling well, and so he was going a bit slow - and due to (what I think was recent throat surgery?) he had no voice - only strained whispers - But he was genuinely smiling and we had the sense that he desperately wanted to meet as many fans as possible - we finally get to see him just before 2:00, and the nearly 5 hour wait was worth it. I quickly told him about mother and her art, my art and our deep appreciation of his work, and I gave him some items (cards and magnets, and 2 photos of some pieces that were almost directly inspired by one of his books of blood stories) He gave D and I kisses on the cheek and we got a very clear picture.

Later was a Q and A session with Clive and some people involved with his movies - Doug Bradley, Ashley Lawrence, Simon Bamford .... despite the weak voice, Clive carried on and had some wonderful things to say about the industry and some of todays problems (the big publishers are not readers, only businessmen these days) - I was moved to tears! I wanted to contribute to the conversation but it never got to me. - So I say it here!
*If you create intense work, raw, and/or unsafe for general consumption - do not be convinced to dull it down to fit in with the masses, do not become complacent - persevere and charge forth with your vision - be prepared to starve for your art, be prepared to go through alternate channels, be prepared for heavy critique - but be confident and let it be seen - show public what truth and real art is, dont let the big companies decide what everyone consumes. This applies to all creators.
~ Carrying on - the Nightbreed screening was 2.5 hours, it was raw, no score and was an early version - so its missing a lot, but it also includes a lot more footage of Boone, Decker and the Sheriff - The end is different, and for heavy fans, this brought some new insight into the film and the ideas - I am glad I watched the whole thing!
Lastly - we would have gotten back into the vendor room, but it was at MAX CAPACITY, with threats from the fire marshall, - so we decided to explore the mask room (and saw some more awesome things, people and artists - particularly love Daniel Horne's art) - if they keep bringing in so many awesome events and names, this convention needs to expand!

-Sunday. Noon - there was a Vampira Tribute event, with a procession of all the horror movie hosts (again, bringing me to tears - it was so serious, dark music, good lighting...) - Ron Fitzgerald did a bit of magic and resurrected 'Vampira' - and much screaming was had!
Later we got back into the vendor room, finishes our shopping had more conversation with the people we wanted to see. This was truly a weekend to remember - Now I am rejuvenated creatively and I am inspired to do some real art!

See more pictures at my facebook.
only add me if you really want to know how my my brain tastes.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Last Night's Dream:
how come, when I need to kill a bad guy in a dream, I always get the DULL WEAPON. Last night it was an old shovel. (about the size of a broom) I was able to stab quite well but severing the head was quite difficult, and I swear one of the bad guys was a zombie, because he just wouldn't stop! Sorry about the gore, but they were trying to kidnap damnit. They were going to drug me and use my plasma in an art project.

A day or so ago, D and I watched 'Decline of Western Civilization, part 2: Metal' . It was great. It inspired me to listen to 'classical metal' on my 'tag radio' in the studio yesterday. The station stayed pretty consistent surprisingly.

Speaking of the studio, I created a work that I whole-heartedly enjoyed. After this, I realized why I get sometimes get fed up with some of my works that come directly from intuition.

"Immortal Ideas of a Dead Poet.
7.25" x 8" oil on wood

I was reading some Lord Byron, and after reading one of his poems about the idea of transforming a skull into a wine glass, the idea that it is better to replace your dead brain with wine rather than your skull being wasted on fodder for worms - perhaps some transference of wit or ideas would spring forth from drinking from it.
The idea of things growing from a skull carries the same idea for me, so I thought Byron might like to have inspired me to paint this.

The day before, I had done another face with branches - just a drawing - I'll upload that as soon as I get it scanned in.

Big Trouble in Little China
"This is Jack Burton in the Pork Chop Express, and I'm talkin' to whoever's listenin' out there."
This movie has been in my head lately. (again) After posting this quote on FB, I realized I'm not alone in this love. I was Joyfully buried in a plethora of quotes from the movie.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Getting OUTSIDE!!

The sun spoke to me! The cold is going away. I've twice gone outside to draw!
One day I finally (FINALLY) stopped along fall creek road. I grabbed initiative by the horns and actually did what I've been wanting to do rather than just drive to my destination.
I parked at the fairgrounds and walked across the street to the river, and a bridge crossing it. I took nothing but my sketchbook and some drawing untencils. (and ID of course, so they can identify my body when I find toxic waste and turn into a slobbering creature) - I doodled some trees, and then I found the glory of glories! A PILE OF JUNK by an abandoned building of sorts! *SQUEE!* I sat down on the dirty concrete surrounding and proceeded to draw this pile 'o junk in a traditional maner. This lasted about 20 minutes, as I had no chair and my knees were threatening me with persnickityness. But, satisfied with my exploration for the day, I continued onward to the studio at the Stutz. I believe this was Monday.

WEDNESDAY I was up early, and rather than say on the internet until I had to work at 1:00, I said "SCREW YOU INTERNET!" and took off to enjoy the day again! This time I went to Biglots first and bought a cloth fold-out chair that comes in a bag. ARMED with a handy dandy fold-out chair and Watercolors, I went to broadripple park, recycled a bag of cans, and then saundered off to find a neat tree. I didn't have to travel far. I set up my chair, arranged my paper water and colors just so, and DREW the tree. I named the tree Norman. I now have an intimate understanding of Norman's branches and knotholes.

This was about an hour. I still had time for lunch - so I left for work early - got eggrolls across the street, and then used my new CHAIR again - there is a pond next to my work, so I took my eggrolls and my chair and sat by the pond. It was overcast and chilly, but it wasn't cold and I wanted to enjoy the weather as much as possible despite the wind trying to steal my hot and sour sauce.


Today? Catching up on grading homework for one of the 2 art appreciation classes.

Now back to my overly ambitious art plans. I started working on a publication idea involving dark, dreamy, bizarre things. I need to get other people involved.

Inspirations as of late: Baroque cathedrals, "Something Wicked this way comes" movie (which I have never seen before), "The 7 faces of Dr. Lao" movie (Which I have seen before but was spreading the joy), cheetos, minesweeper, shanghai and a weird mindjolt game called "Glow Cut".

Just for fun, here is a sketchbook page.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Who am I? BIG ART DAY yesterday

Yesterday was a busy art day.
I had a casual open studio at the Stutz from 1:00 - 5:00pm, but at 5, there was an official 'open studio' show called "One Flight Up" for our section of the Stutz building - I am getting much better at the meeting and greeting people part of this business. Many awesome people showed up, we shared ideas and updates and potential projects in the works. (Thank you to everyone that showed up!)
I sold a few magnets, and a small work. (Thank goodness for internet connection in my studio and paypal, and friends who like my stuff.)

During the day I also got some advice about what other kinds of art to explore. I know the kind of work I do has a very limited audience. If I want my 'art' to be my career, I have to be willing to expand my practice, and create other bodies of work that are more... 'appealing' . This doesn't mean I'm going to CHANGE myself or my work, or that my work will become boring, standard, etc. But, I'm willing to explore parts of my art that may be somewhat safer for general consumption. I also like doing 'safe' work - such as landscapes, still lives, etc - and I've been wanting to do some of these things anyway as practice. Perhaps even exploring a more abstract side to myself, or doing surreal work involving trees that is more... LIGHT-HEARTED, rather than dark, creepy and disturbing.

Yes, I often question who I am - I do not have a specific direction in my work - but I do have obsession, drive and excitement about the act of creating art.

Anyway, I got a chance to explore abstract last night. At 9:00 pm, I packed up some supplies from the studio, and headed over to a restaurant in town called the Taste of Tango - upstairs is their lounge, and last night it was being used for a techno event. I had been invited to do a live painting! This is my first experience doing an official 'live' painting - to loud rhythmic music played by DJs. I stayed till 2:00. I think I survived the day on a can of rockstar and parmesan goldfish crackers.

I was using a 2.5' x 2.5' canvas (30" x 30"), acrylics, brushes and rags. I used my french easel to hold it. Dave was there too. The atmosphere was excellent - not too crowded, not too wild - just a place to get into the GROOVE. The lights were dim, I couldn't quite tell what my colors were doing, but I lost myself in the music - I got carried away on the sounds, and I let my brushes release my dreams and emotions.

"Alpha Romeo Tango"

Hopefully I will be doing more live painting soon.
I plan on visiting more events with my easel in tow... invitation or not, its time to paint. (I also need more paints and surfaces on which to paint... time to sell my soul for art supplies)

I really need to start creating a larger body of work (of everything) for the Stutz open house in April. I did 2 small abstract/tree mixed media works tonight (5" x 7")

And I keep questioning myself. Who am I? Does this question matter? Am I betraying myself to do Non-dark and creepy work? Inner dialogue can be quite confusing and exhausting. Time for bed.

I cannot forget to at least briefly mention - I have rediscovered an old childhood movie I had not thought about in ages.
I saw an actor on tv that made me think of this movie - I was sent on an internet search for hours trying to find said movie - turns out that none of the actors I thought were in it actually were (making it harder to find) and that I was combining said movie with its own sequel. These are "Mr. Boogedy" and "Bride of Boogedy!" During the daytime open studio, I finished watching these on youtube. What a blast!

Also inspired by a lot of other internet videos recently. Time lapse mushroom growth, time lapse creation of a group painting, and many artists. Last week it was the Northern Renaissance artists. Gotta love teaching art history!

Friday, February 26, 2010

new banner, goals, doubts, rambles, new work

Here's a new banner for my site.
Anyone out there do banner exchanges? I'm going to be adding a links section to my site.

Created today, inspired by the fact that I have been severely neglecting advertising myself in the right (right?) places.
Also the fact that I'm not really sure which part of myself to advertise - I've landed on 'oddball creations' as it seems to cover all aspects of my work.

I always run into a wall trying to decide what kind of artist I am. Especially realizing that I may not be up to doing the kind of fantasy illustration I had always dreamed of doing. I still dream of it, and keep trying to improve upon the skills that will get me there But... as I have no singular artistic ambition, I sometimes feel very lost.

Plus, I only had about 1 professional commission last year from someone who wasn't in my circle of friends. In my low moments, this kind of thing makes me question my self worth. People LOVE the work - but its difficult work to market.
I have to keep reminding myself of successful artists who also have strange interstitial artwork work - like Dave McKean and Nick Bantock.


NEW WORK!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

updates are fun with pictures

This Saturday I attended the Paranormal Scarefest at the old Crump Theatre, Columbus Indiana.
Just a one day event, set up like a convention. This is my hometown. Its not known for huge events, and I'm too jaded to expect it to host anything so spectacular. But there was a good turnout and I rather enjoyed myself - plus, I had a great response to the art!
I met some interesting people and creatures - many of whom will also be attending Horrorhound in Indy. I can't wait for that event! - (even though I'm not vending there)

My booth!

Some folks from Atomic Age Cinema - Dr. Calamari, Woody, Baron Mardi, and Reverend Polypus.

Different Pasta shapes are fun, and I had a blast picking out FIORI to eat for dinner.

AND, my Amaryllis finally bloomed. I am so happy. Just one bloom then, but now 3 of 4 are open.

Thats about all, now I need to think of art to make for the Stutz April openhouse. Small things. Perhaps more flat wood panels and mdf. Maybe even small framed work again. I'm holding off on continuing the Weird ABC until after the open house - I know I won't be able to finish them in time, and I don't want to offer them for sale until I have them all together in their own show.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

associations, thought I'd share this observation

as I was studying art, I ran across some of the 'x-ray' style from aboriginal art.

(Image found at

This reminds me a LOT of the animation at the beginning of the movie "Watership Down"
I'd love to ask the animators if they were inspired by the aboriginal art. It seems like it.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Playing around in Studio

Today was a successful day of play and profit. First of all, I gave a 3 hour acrylic technique workshop in my studio. I am going to continue to offer this opportunity for anyone interested. 3 hours turned into almost 4 as we continued to talk and discuss techniques.

After my students left, I was in the mood to keep playing with paint, so I thought I would post photos from today.
Of course, there is the continuation of playing with paint and textures on gessoed surfaces.
Next, I re-picked up an older idea - I have a work in process which uses a regular story book as a sketchbook. Before, I was using the book in a manner similar to the work of Tom Phillips who created HUMUMENT, a manipulated book originally by the name of "The Human Monument". - Excellent work of art, I have no qualms about saying that I am inspired by it - But I do not want to try emulating or copying it. I cannot remember if I started this book before or after someone pointed out Tom Phillips to me. I was at school in England, playing with image and text at the time I discovered his work. Some pages are more graphic like his, some of them include more painting, taking verbal cues from the text when possible. I have posted a few pictures below.

Later tonight: Pizza at a restaurant - why? To see a magician friend of ours perform table magic.
Much more to muse on, but I will leave this post be as it is.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I am consuming the universe and belching strange forested galaxies.
It is crunchy and obscure.

Life continues and I leave a trail of color washes, drips, graphite chiaroscuro , dry scalp and expressions of psychological uneasiness.

Where does this growth matter come from? The air? Dirt? Whispers of sweetness? All this strength and beauty seems to make itself out of nothing.

I am fascinated.

And now for a random photo of a snow face. I did this in January after a light snow. If I did anything now, it would have to be a sculpture. We have a good buildup and it looks beautiful despite my hatred of cold and having to drive in it.