Thursday, October 27, 2011

Busy? BUSY!

I've been super busy, and I havn't felt much like blogging!
Here is a quick one!

First, some new finished work!

 "The Awareness" - oil on canvas (roughly 3.5 feet h.)

"The Forgotten One" oil on canvas (roughly 4 feet h.)

"Baby Sun King"

"Queen Spider" 5" x 7" mixed media on Yupo paper ~ available for $25.

Blue face... 5" x 7" mixed media on Yupo paper ~ available for $25.

Here is a quick list of some things...
-This past weekend was Wizard World Mid-Ohio Convention
- Last night I finished Tarot card #3 (Empress)
- I JUST watched a short film I helped out with, can't wait to share it with people!
- 1 convention and 3 art shows happening in November! (see my LIST so far of events and appearances. I need to get crackin on new small works!!!
- IDEAS are coming out my wazoo, whatever that is! I'm considering doing some art as homage to some of my fave 80's fantasy films.
- Been networking and sorting out all the upcoming events like crazy.
- editing my ETSY! (some things are now more affordable - get thee to my etsy shop!
- working on a sculpture hand
- I'm sure there's a lot more to mention but I'm on the go!