Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Peek inside my brain with sketches and experiments

Greetings out there in internet land.
I am in the mood to post.
Much of my daily work now is either a commission, or a painting I'm going to post everywhere else so
I decided that my experiments and sketches can find a good home here for now.

Students and doodles, on break at work. Blue BIC Pen <3

FLAME BRAIN! Inspired after a late night internet chat about fire and Leos and brains. of course, what else?!

More sketches, possibly a few weeks ago. I love the horned figure in the center. 
Those are dreams at the bottom. Tis where I write my dreams if I remember them.What was in these
particular dreams? Theme parks, vampires, trees, and the emotion of excitement over an artist's art and music.

trees, hand studies. and an awkward woman beast thing. 

COLOR in the sketchbook. When I have excess paint from other projects, if it doesn't end up getting slapped on a wooden panel it goes in my sketchbook. 

Experimenting with shapes and colors and textures in Photoshop. 

Stay tuned folks, till next time!
I'd write more but I'm sleepy!