Wednesday, April 11, 2012

new art and nude studies

Just throwing some randomness up!

Today was a VERY productive day at the studio.
Trying to get some work done before I completely organize my studio to prepare for the Stutz openhouse.

Here is a work I just finished, and its closeup!

Its the LONG piece in the wooden 'frame'.

Soon I will have better photos.

THEN, I took an old mdf with painted surface and FINALLY put a face on top of it.
Very pleased with the outcome - but the cool thing is,... you see that wire coming from the top? (also duplicated as a line drawing on brown paper beneath...) Yes, I'm going to extend the painting beyond the board with the hair - it will be more 3 dimensional, and I'll smooth it out to the painting. Hopefully I can figure out a way to make sure its strong.

SKETCHES form a Nude Model:
Tonight I was pleased to visit Jim Gerard's studio at the stutz, where he holds classes. It feels good to be on this side of the canvas. :)
I just worked small tonight, but seeing Jim's pastel works inspire me - maybe next time I'll get out the pastels!