Wednesday, July 27, 2011

automatism, con drawings, etc

The sun ate my face today, but let me share some art with you.

Lets start with the most recent and work our way back!
Last night I saw "Dismantled" - Industrial band signed by Metropolis -
I was very inspired by their show, - good thing I had my sketchbook with me!
When the show ended, I did some doodling in the bar while the DJ played more industrial.
These 2 images aren't directly related to the band, but rather inspired by the band, and a live industrial setting.

 Both images are black sharpie, the second one was a gift for one of the members, who saw
the first pieces and kindly demanded that I do something for him. *grin* Amused, I complied. 

And now for some drawings done at FRIGHT NIGHT FILM FESTIVAL! (Louisville, KY)
Great show by the way, thanks to those who stopped by!

My favorite first!! A commission to put one of my 'women' related pieces in someone's sketchbook. 

Two sharpie sketches in a brain candy book.

5" x 7" commission for a giraffe related piece.

Book page commission for my booth neighbor's child. 
Inspirations as of late:
The INVASION has begun!
Really awesome SyFy short series featuring my friend Mark Tierno, about 6 minutes each. 3 episodes so far, I highly recommend it!
Check it out here!

The Butterfly Circus
Very inspirational well filmed 20 minute short film about the Butterfly Circus.
Check it out
A 20 minute short

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Beginning Ate the END

"Beginning Ate The End, Because Beginning Was The Trend.
The End Ran In Terror, Because The End Was An Error."
(The first words you see in my new sketchbook)

I've been in Connecticut the past 2 weeks visiting with Dave's family. We've also been to VT during this time to visit some of my family, and went to NY to visit with a friend and visit the Metropolitan Museum of ART. I am rejuvenated with inspiration!

sketchbooks! Art and books and STUFF!
Hallelujah! I have my SEAWHITE OF BRIGHTON Jumbo square sketchbooks of England again, thanks to my friend Erich who found some in Paris!! *JOY*
(10" x 10" nice smooth paper, sewn in, not merely glued) 
We met in NY where he gave me 3 books and I gave him a painting -
By the way, if you ever plan on visiting the Metropolitan museum of art, do not plan on carrying any art inside with you - they will not check paintings due to liability issues. Thankfully, he was staying at an apartment fairly close, so he could store the painting there. Here's a peek at the first bits of sketchbook joy. I'll show a more full pic once I get back to my scanner.

I was very AWE inspired by the oceanic and african art collection at the Met. This guy is a mental conglomeration of my own creation remembering bits and pieces from various works. 

I have never seen such large african/oceanic art of extreme SRANGENESS in person. I could have spent an hour in the main room just staring at and being in the presence of everything. There are some images I had never encountered before which made me VERY excited. Especially the Baining Night Dance Masks.

(google Baining Night Dance Masks for more fun)

Here is another Sketchbook image

I helped organize the basement while I was here - thus the LYDIA MOLE.

Hours of a beautiful book laden environment - gardens, cats, decorations, buildings of books, little alcoves, etc etc. Visit for yourself in Niantic, CT. 

And now I must get ready to leave for home. Here's hoping for a good day of driving!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

quick commissions, wip, and filling the spaces

Pluggin along!
infrequent posts due to merely extreme busyness.
I am currently on vacation in Connecticut - but still trying to work on projects while I'm here.
One of my better paying jobs in August didn't pan out due to low enrollment (teaching art appreciation at a tech college) - so, hopefully something else will come along to fill in the gaps. (especially if I want to attend the SPECTRUM LIVE convention that got announced recently! OMG) Thankfully, I now have my downtown studio in Indy, and it gives me something to look forward to coming home!
I need to take a picture of the 2 sweet studio gifts people have given me - a little work of assemblage art and an antique 'murcury' bottle. That can come later!

For now, Let me share some images from the Days of the Dead Convention
*Here is a small drawing in my brain candy book - a photographer wanted a monster portrait of his camera.

*Here is a convention commission- 9" x 12" color. I took it home that evening to finish it. watercolor and Ink. If I thought about it, I could've added white acrylic to highlight certain areas, but it came out pretty sweet I think.
... Some of my friends were debating what kind of salad dressing would go good with this conglomeration of organic plant matter. *chuckle*

*A sketchbook commission - someone wanted a hippo related work - so I of course drew a hippo-tree!

*The coolest t-shirt I saw at the Days of the Dead convention. 
It reminded me of Clive Barker's Nightbreed, thematically - all these monsters coming together with different backgrounds and lives and purposes. Easy to discriminate against, but all of them are precious in some way.

*I was able to finally present my Sammy Terry painting and print at Days of the Dead - my painting of him is on the back of the comic book. After acquiring the proper permissions, I now present the 11" x 17" limited first edition print. I have 15 of 30 (Sammy has the other 15)And they are all SIGNED!(They are selling at $50 each)

And last, here is a sneak peek at part of one of my paintings for a movie project.

Other News:

I am realizing how much I need to get more Ayreon music. :) I am very inspired by it. We listened to some on the way to Connecticut and I've spun into the beginnings of obsession - so I'm going to keep my eye open (or my ears open?) for opportunities to get some more of their music.
Thats all for now!