Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Carousing with Destiny Finally


I have had this poem made from cut text (various old/damaged book sources) for months. (I think I created it sometime in MAY 2019) I had it sitting between 2 pages of card stock with a book on top to keep it from shifting. Thank goodness I didn't accidentally bump the table it was on or I might have lost this whole thing. (see the picture at the very bottom to see the words arranged loosely on a black piece of cardstock.)

I was waiting for the right surface to put it on. I envisioned a collage where I would paste it. I created the collage I had in mind, but once I finished it, I felt words would only disrupt the imagery I had.

(below is the collage I had created, of the same name)

See? Words would not have worked here. I tend to find success in abstract backgrounds for my 'found poetry'. So I looked through my pages of experimental backgrounds (which generally tend to pile up when I'm having a gelli plate session) - I found one that looked promising, and filled it out with some more colors and textures, finally satisfied with the look.


Below is the poem:


The voice of urgency trudged up clouds of remembered intensity

... it flows quite different, 
her depths gleaming, lit by endless fires, 
her place, fern-like in this world - 
this rhyming world.

From the deep valleys to ancient mountains, 
from among the twisted roots to the open spaces 
where anything might be fulfilled.

She heard her escape on the wind
across the maze into the mirror.

Carousing with destiny was like falling into an icy sea. 

That very moment she snapped, and with shaking hands
opened her door to the planet's manifestation of desire
of dreams
and gently rolling S C R E A M S.


Here is what it looked like when I had the loose words just sitting on a piece of black cardstock.
It can take days for a longer poem like this to fully form.