Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Done Done Done! - OH, and Halloween!!

Oh joy - Tasks getting done for the Paranormal Scare Fest this weekend!

- Prints ORDERED (done by Thurs) - Local Printer: Simon Skjodt.
- Magnets are DONE!
- New Backdrop PLANNED!
- some small quick fan art done as extras

So... about the art hanging backdrop - I normally use a 7' lattice work with a black cloth to hang my work, but its so bulky and hard to fit stuff around it in my car when I travel. D and I had planned to create a new backdrop out of PVC pipe, but we delayed too long and I decided that I'll just take the lattice again. HOWEVER, Today D noticed a cheap portable coat rack that works perfect!! Its a little shorter, but its STABLE - I pinned a cloth to it and hung art on it and it works!!! So LIGHT and it packs down tiny!! We plan on testing it tomorrow as a taller structure by zip-tying the base to part of a break-down plastic shelving unit, making it about 8' high. YEAH! Tomorrow we get more coat racks and we will be good to go with a LOT more space in the car!!

Ok, I have to at least mention the awesomeness that was this weekend, but its late and I havn't been feeling like expounding upon my experiences poetically - so expect a quick version~

First of all, on SATURDAY, D performed at the White Rabbit Cabaret with Taylor Martin, Berry Rice, and Gavin Rulon - I acted as his assistant. Also at the White Rabbit was the Hasenfeffer troup + - Excellent dancing/choreography!! Very clever. An Excellent Halloween show!!

On Sunday, friends of ours were getting married!! Dru and Maria at Garfield Park. What an excellent idea, awesomeness all around, very pretty, spooky and fun. Afterwards was the Reception at the Melody (reception hall) and the Mel itself hosted a Halloween goth party - also popped in there to see what was up.
I'll have to post more pictures when I get a chance.

(Lyd, D, Dru before the wedding - photo by Devon Kaser)

Afterwards, our good friends V and N stayed over where we ate pizza and discussed snakes, hermit crabs, various states to live in, fluffy bats, traditions, etc until 5 am. It was good.