Friday, October 26, 2012

Memories Madness and Marvelous flavors

Where to start!

Lets start with memories. 

I have been reading about the artist Remedios Varo (wiki link here), a wonderful Spanish surrealist woman who lived in Mexico. Reading about the artist today reminded me that I would someday like to write a book about my own artist mother. I wanted to gather stories about her from other people, so I have put a call out to people who remember her to share their stories and memories - These stories can be recorded on a form I created on google docs.
If you have any memories you'd like to share about Catherine Burris, please feel free to do so!
{INSERT MEMORIES HERE} Refunds are not given on lost memories.



Its here its here!! I found a company that sells Dutch candies in the USA. I ordered some Tyrkisk Peber in the hopes of making my own Salmiakki Koskenkorva (salty black licorice vodka) - According to my own authentic bottle of Koskenkorva, one can "Experience the Spirit of Finland and taste the Finnish Folklore"

(....Now, 2 bags plus shipping = about $25. Plus the vodka I need to buy. I still think I'm probably saving money seeing as how it would be quite pricy buying the alcohol from Finland, if its even POSSIBLE to send it officially. ) ...

ALSO, we were recently given some awesome pickle seasoning by my friend Taylor, the Indy Magic Monthly producer. He makes great pickes. :)



Here are some recent things from my sketchbook.

I MADE a FUN video involving DOOM and a MAZE and SILLY.
{CLICK HERE for Doom and Maze and Silly}



The DEVIL'S CARNIVAL Ringmaster Edition DVD!! 

Apparently the picture I painted is shown when they feature the fan arts.
I'm about to go find out!

If you are a fan of LO PAN... you must watch this video. Love Love Love!!!
{See the awsome...}

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Worked on some buttons today.
Let me share some photos.

Buttons from the finished button making session tonight

a view of what my painted button template sheets look like before I cut them out and write silly things on them.

Also, Last night I did some giggling and composed a video from something I made this weekend.
On Saturday I was at an event that was a bit under attended. Granted, I still enjoyed myself and made a bit of profit.
But during a particularly slow stretch, I decided to create a maze on the floor.
Complete with monsters and a torture chamber. I was transported to my childhood again - only everything this time is on a larger scale: the maze, me, my madness.... etc.

here is the video:

While I'm on the subject of videos, I am super GIDDY about this one.
Awesomely done Gangnam Style parody(James Hong even shows up!)


Friday, October 19, 2012

Not So CD covers and OCD photoshopping

(EDIT) - I wrote this a WHILE ago, and never published it....

I finished a new piece tonight. (EDIT: NOT!)

Usually when I finish something, I like to play with it digitally.
With this picture, I got fed up with being serious and started slapping random images on top and going through the super cool photoshop layering effects. (checking all the layer effects becomes like a compulsion after a while. OCD photoshopping! Normal, Dissolve, Darken, multiply, color burn (yeah!), linear burn, lighten, screen, dodge, overlay, soft light, hard light (yeah!), vivid light, linear light, pin light, hard mix, difference (OOOH!), exclusion (OOooOH?), subtract, divide, hue, saturation, color, luminosity, AND BACK up through the list!! 
yeah. Who else has the photoshop layer OCD? *grin*

Occasionally, or rather quite often... I end up making a compilation that (at the time) screams 'CD COVER!) And then I lament that it isn't a cd cover.

Here is the latest one.

Now, if anyone would like to use this as a cd cover, that can be arranged, I'm sure!

Magnets, a portrait and it is WELL past the Witching Hour

Tonight, as usual, I procrastinated working on anything until way too late. After getting home from teaching a class (from 5:30-9) I got sucked into more True Blood episodes with D while eating a very tasty Egg Fu Yung dinner. Between episodes, I looked at this blog, some back posts, and realized I actually WAS more productive when I felt compelled to report my progress. (mostly) So... here goes!

In preparation for the next event (Paranormal Fest Returns on Saturday, Newcastle IN) (this is the link for more info) , I was working on magnets. But of course, After teaching art appreciation tonight, and watching stimulating shows, I was inspired to do ART, not production work. BUT, I am sorely in need of new magnets if I want to keep offering them, so magnets it is! (I'm already plenty RESTOCKED on my buttons thanks to the new button maker!)

After I finished, I was still inspired to do art. I got distracted with the mirror, pleased with where my hair is at the moment, and decided to do yet another portrait. (what can I say, its easier to use the mirror for a quick basic reference for a face, in any expression I want.)

SO HERE is a quick self portrait.

"I'll be back later, the COSMOS is calling..."
5" x 9" - bristol paper, prismacolor marker, sharpie, copic marker, colored pencil, acrylic

Done after getting distracted looking at my current hair style. I'm still amused by having short hair.


And just for fun, here are pictures of the magnets.

A few stacks of my art on magnets. I still need to crop the edges (when its not 5:30 am)

A side view of the STACK-O-MAGNETS.

 What do I do with the extra strips of magnets? Sometimes I throw them away. sometimes I make art with them. Strips of scrap art and silk cut up and assembled on the leftover sticky magnet strips.



Interesting thing I learned while teaching today about
- The Witching Hour (in the context of Christianity):
While my class was looking at a painting of the Crucifixion by Lucas Cranach the Elder,

 the sky in the painting was dark and was light at the bottom - one of the students was trying to debate whether it was the sun setting or the sun rising - another student mentioned that it might be when 'the sky went dark'- and that Jesus was crucified at 3:00 pm. (I looked it up - the internet tells me it was 9:00 am, but that he died at 3:00.) - Anyway. 3:00 AM is supposed to be the Witching Hour, as it is the opposite time to 3:00 pm.

I also looked that up and here is what wikipedia says. (read the full article)

"According to the American horror film The Exorcism of Emily Rose, the term can also refer to the period from midnight to 3am, when a character notes at "3am [is] the devil's hour, as opposed to 3pm, when Jesus was said to have been crucified".[6]"

 Also - SEE THE MUSEUM page on the piece of art if you wish. It says nothing about the darkening sky.

well, it looks like I missed my date with the devil, as it is way past 3 am.

Speaking of devil, I can't wait for my ringmaster edition dvd of "THE DEVIL's CARNIVAL" to arrive!
Apparently there is a picture of my painting in the special features, when they feature fan stuff!
See my painting of the Devil, Broken Doll, and The Gatekeeper: HERE - where they shared it on their facebook page. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Red Face - progress pictures

Thought I'd share all the progress pictures of my latest piece for fun.

Trying to stretch my painting and observations muscles, mixed with a bit of fantasy,
and a bit of inspiration perhaps from reading about Remedios Varo, and watching too much True Blood.


Now I just need to think of a title for this little study/experiment.

6" x 9"
acrylic on bristol

Monday, September 3, 2012

Picking up momentum, building my wings

Am I talkative again?
Do I want to write?
Do I want to post this online?
I don't know and I shouldn't think about whether or not I want to share my thoughts until after I have written them. These are the things that block me.

Today was a day of rest. (And playing games with friends)
My commission (due for  Horrorhound) is done and despite the fact that I have another commission overdue (with friendly deadlines) I am free to create whatever I want for the upcoming convention. I can't believe my stock of works on paper actually thinned a bit.

Not that I don't believe in myself, but its nice to start seeing wheels going in the direction I've been trying to push them the last 5 years.
Another thing I can't believe. I moved to Indy in June/July 2007. I've been in this apartment for 5 years. The waitressing gig (and other odd jobs) I got in the beginning was meant to be temporary until I found teaching work, and it lasted 2 years. I did find teaching work briefly, and occasionally still do, but not exactly what I was originally going for either. I teach university/college art appreciation but I'd rather be teaching people how to draw and paint. I am so GLAD I found the appreciation jobs however, as now I have a lovely chuck of art history burned into my brain. This has increased my love of the art world and all of it's history 10 fold +++.
But my true WANT, was not to teach (I love teaching, just not as a career), but to live off my art. So, I sprang for it. I jumped off the cliff. I have truly lived by the philosophy that I should JUMP first and build my wings on the way down. It has been hard and at times I could not have done it without the support of my boyfriend David. (and many others) I am still building my wings but it seemed just before I hit rock bottom, I was able to swoop up. I feel like I am gliding now... low to the ground, there are plenty of risks and obstacles and sharp rocks, but I am still building. If I can make it this far, I can eventually learn to fly. I look around me and see that I am not alone. So many other people building wings for themselves... and so many of them are gliding like I am - ready for bigger and better things... all excited... grinning at eachother in anticipation for whats to come next.

 "The Flying Visitor"
5" x  7" mixed media on paper
one of the new pieces.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Messages from Beyond, oh wait, nevermind

Messages from Beyond... 
Oh wait...
What the.....?

What The....

Have you ever experienced a happening that was so temporarily bizarre you had no choice
but to blame the supernatural? And moments later, are able to discover the real  answer?
I was reminded of this type of experience this morning when I got on the desktop to check
messages. Then it happened. I was startled but not perplexed, as this isn't the first  time.

Let me first explain the first instance of this, before I knew what it was.

I was sitting on the computer in silence, minding my own business.
I heard a strange crackly noise. No, not a noise, it was a voice. A faraway deep male voice,
mumbling incoherently in a southern accent. Muffled, but still very audible. I was curious
but not freaked out. I looked around the room, and after turning off the speakers, found
out that the source was my computer. I figured that on one of the many websites I had up
in tabs, a video had begun to play without warning or something. Systematically I checked
all my tabs, nothing. I closed facebook. I still heard the sound. I shut down the internet all
together... I thought that took care of it, but after bout 25 seconds, it started up again. I
strangely thought perhaps it was possible someone had hacked my computer, so I closed all connections. Still, I heard it. The ramlbing thoughts, spoken the
way I would imagine a lonely trucker with a lot on his mind would talk - broadcasting to
anyone who would listen. I think I heard speach along the lines of  'Let mother nature
take care of it'  (or at least thats something I heard today.)
ANYWAY, my point is, I was extremely confused and started even pondering the
possibility of messages from beyond. I am a fairly skeptical person - and I also thought about
the possibility that radio signals could maaaybe get picked up with my speakers, but I
didn't know for sure if that could happen, so my brain was thinking of any explanation
possible and impossible.

There are 2 other instances, and then you can tell me yours.

*Ring Transfers Through Solid Matter*
This happened ages ago, when I was in college, and engaged to my ex (still friends tho!).
We shall call him Mr. R.
I had a beautiful little engagement ring with a sapphire and 2 tiny diamonds. We were
standing in the bedroom, and I was in the process of putting my ring back on from
washing hands (or some such) and I dropped it. I did not see it ANYWHERE.
Mr. R and I spent the next 20 minutes searching the floor for said lost ring. There was
carpet on the floor. We checked to see if it rolled under the bed, furniture, etc. NOWHERE.
 I was getting quite worried. I remember that when it fell, there was no distinct 'plop' of
something falling on carpet. There was almost an absence of sound. More of a 'flooo'
sound. We suspiciously started checking the bumps in the carpet. Had the ring somehow
TRANSFERRED through solid matter and was now sitting somewhere UNDER the carpet?
Being in College and highly open minded to strange physics and metaphysics, we were
seriously contemplating that we had just had an encounter with loose molecules.
Just when we were about to admit that the universe is not what we think it is, I found the
ring in the rolled up cuff of my pants.

*Phone in the Ether*
The last one was when my friend Miss G was staying at our place.
There was a fantastic storm that night with terrifyingly wonderful thunder, and heavy rain,
excellent flashes of lightning.
In the morning, when she was preparing to head back home, she could not find her phone.
After searching the living room, we decided to check the car. Perhaps she had left it in
D, G and I get to the car, and and we call her phone. We can hear it. Success!! We begin to
search the car but cannot find it!! Did it slip in the seats? No. Did it fall under the seats?
No. In the door pockets? No. Wedged in the weird places that only smaller things get
wedged in? No. WHERE IS IT!! We hear it, the muffled ring tone mocking us in our failure.
We check all the areas in the car at least 3 more times before (again) contemplating the
supernatural or weird physics. And yes, there was the thought that perhaps the phone
had slipped into another dimension, and was calling out to us from the Ethereal world.
We stood outside the car and called it one last time. It was on TOP of the car. ¬¬
We hadn't thought to look there because of the storm. What phone in its right
construction would still be working after THAT downpour?? Water damage eh? Well,
apparently strange physics were still involved, it just didn't involve side stepping into the
space between worlds.

Tell me your strange stories!


-In other news, I'm enjoying being more talkative. 
-Gonna play with photography tonight. Hurrah for getting my own photo references for people!
-Organized the studio for the ONE FLIGHT UP show tomorrow, wow! this place is
wackily disorganized.
- Welcome to the new title for my blog. Its the same title as my OLD blog. 
"Paradoxical Sacrosanctity". Sacred Paradox. At least, paradox is sacred to me. So is silly. I could almost have named it Sillilical Sacrosanctity.   Ok, I made up Sillilical, but doesn't it roll of the tongue nicely?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Where is my snickerdoodle?


OH yes. I sorta gave up blogging for a while. I realized it was OK.
I got busy, and most of my quick updates end up at facebook, where get more feedback anyway.
When I get back to writing,  you know, more detailed descriptions of thoughts and other things, I think I'll come back. I'll give this place yet another facelift (new title) and give it a go. No great specific theme or task, just detailed updates WITH thoughts and ideas and unmasked ponderings. And I may copy this to my other live journal blog, because why separate? 
I'm getting tired of separating my posts into different flavors. I spend more time categorizing, updating, and responding than I spend time creating, and THAT my dear silent internet watchers, needs to change.

SO, if you want to get caught up on the basics of whats happening, feel free to check out my latest mailing list sendout: HERE.  (warning: contains promotion and recent work!)

As you can see from the update, there is  a LOT happening.
You can maybe see why I would want to cut out irrelevant internet time or doing useless things like counting grains of sand and letting my A.D.D. take me from task to task to task without really fully finishing any of them.

There is also the financial rollercoaster.
Everyday about 4 things go through my mind:
1.) Crap! Burn EVERYTHING and become a gypsy.
2.) I need to get a solid job to smooth out the bumps in my debt.
3.) Hm.... what of mine can I sell.
4.) Where is my snickerdoodle?

(ok I lied on no. 4. Since that is also the title of this blog entry, does that also mean that this entire entry is a lie? Hmmmm...)

But regardless, it looks as if the seeds I've been sowing are finally starting to sprout.
I'm getting a ton of attention.
People are actually buying things sometimes maybe yeah.  Hell, I'm trying to make art my career, why am I still surprised that people get it? I'm never surprised when I spend the money I don't have on other people's art. I never regret it.
I am determined not to be buried by the numbers that are probably not even that high in the big picture. I'm starting a business, this is expected. I refuse to give in because of fears.  I refuse to get drawn into a false sense of security. I refuse to put my dreams down so I can feel 'safe'.
I have already told myself that at the end of this year I shall re-evaluate my priorities and if I feel that I need to look for other work, I shall do so, but I shall be picky and determined to do something will still allow me to keep the art career's best interests in mind. It may seem selfish and spoiled to some. It may seem heroic to others. Personally, I just gotta do what I gotta do.
IS THIS STARTING TO SOUND like a rant and justification?
I think I'll stop before I ramble myself into incoherentness.

I shall just have to trust that I'm on the right path. 

ALSO, Here, have a random bit of art prose that I have no intention of doing anything with.

 "Modern Attention far from Detention
one of the doomed masses
waiting for a mention. 

Carving my own Path. 
The fastesst way to the  
             The Poorhouse.
Trying to soar on pennies, they
just weigh me Down. 
I can watercolor my troubles
away, rub over them with 
acrylic. Suffocate it with tape and medium, drips 
and forgetfulness."

EDIT:  BY THE WAY, this was neither in my mailing list update or here so far!
Last night Dave and I went to see the Devil's Carnival in Indy. It was local, how could we NOT go and see Terrance and Darren again? We also had an awesome after dinner with some friends at the local greasy spoon.
Anyway, Dave won the costume contest, and Darren has tasked me to do some Devil's Carnival inspired art. GOOD. Now I have an even better excuse to draw broken freaky circus characters. *GRIN*
Today I took another look at Terrance's Blog, which very directly inspired me to write again. 

--- ok back to art.---

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Military hero piano

I had nothing to do this Saturday, so I signed up for a Fishers arts council project calling artists to paint pianos with the theme of military heros.
I choseto paint portraits because I love faces, and I can paint them fast. I finished painting the pre-primed piano was finished in under 6 hours!
If there were more time, and it wasnt a volunteer activity, I might have been able to finish the faces even more, but it was fun working under time and material restraints. (the small brushes did not allow for extreme detail.)

Here is the outcome!
More pics can be seen on my facebook.
(hard to link the album from my phone)

I asked friends and family to send pics of their own personal military heros, and I included some from my own side as well. I am left feeling honored I could highlight the personal heroes of those who particiated.
Thank you to the participants, and the organizers!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Trees and moths

After getting distracted by things like eating and rest, I finally got around to the true needs of the day = ART!

This little lady is a work in progress.
Debating on whether to keep her monotone or add in the chromatics.
10" high. Watercolor. Full image will be posted another time.

Other news: Talks with a gallery in B-town that sound promising. This brings even more inspiration for new works.

And lastly, Ive finally found a way to be happy with framed works on paper.
Newest example 'Lepidoptera Dreams' (also 10" high, not including frame height)
Keeping my eyes open for mostly small long wooden frames I can paint.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Inspiration

New pad of thicker better art paper discovered at Pygmalions in Bloomington. (fave art store, if only for the cozy homey atmosphere and cats)

'strathmore visual journal' for mixed media. Even outshines the aquabee super deluxe paper, which used to be perfect until they thinned the pages about 5/6 years ago.

Ive made my first 5x7

and yes I will be cutting the pages put and making them available. I am still only using my precious seawhite of brighton sketchbooks for actual daily personal journaling/recording/brainstorming.

:) also, downloaded blogger app in the hopes of making shorter more frequent updates.

Over and out!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This is what I finished today.

I also worked on some super-secret 5" x 7" pieces, finished the cover for a Werewolf Novel,
and wasted some time looking at the forums on the newly released Diablo III game release. I don't have the time or $ for it now but I needed ... NEEDED to make sure that even though you must be signed in online on their server to play (dumb) that they still have a single player option. YES.
Not great time usage for the studio, but we do falter at times.
Earlier I bought some used frames to manipulate and use for art.

Inspired by Giger today. I spent some time this afternoon sitting on our NEW COUCH (! <3) and looking at books. I am inspired by his own drive, and the copious amounts of large paper that he drew on DAILY.
I also found out that I've got a booth number for Philadelphia Comic Con. I am also on the website.
However I did not sign up for this con, so if you are one of the 2 people that read this thing (Myself and D?), now you know.

OK. Falling asleep at the keyboard time to go!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother Daughter Art, Seawhite sketchbooks, and

Greetings Internet. Changed the name of this blog back to something 'self drive' related. Believe it or not, the title and will to post here because of the title actually makes me do more art. Huh. Interesting.

This past Saturday was a mother/daughter show at the Renaissance Fine Art and Design Gallery. Even though my mother has passed on, it was the perfect place to keep her art alive! The owner has the best eye for art I've seen in a gallery yet - and she refuses to follow expected 'norms' for galleries. Her collection is Ecclectic and wild, beautiful and bizarre, traditional and non, she's not afraid to try new things. I love it!
Above is a photo of Dad and I at the show. If you want to see more, you are going to have to go see it in person! One South Range Line Road, Carmel, IN. 
Here is a LINK to the facebook page.  

by the way, as it was just mothers day, I decided to upload a few pictures of my mother on fb.
Here is the LINK.


When I went to deliver the art at the gallery, the owner was chatting with a friend who had  randomly stopped in. Just as he was leaving, he gathered his things, picked something up and his sketchbook was uncovered. It was big, black and SQUARE. I gasped and pointed 'Is that a SEAWHITE of BRIGHTON Sketchbook?!?!' - He exclaimed his confirmation that YES indeed it WAS a Seawhite of Brighton sketchbook, and how did I know about them?!

I found and became addicted to them while living in England.

We both agreed that they were the best sketchbooks in the world.
He teaches art in Chicago, but is originally from England. While he is not an official distributor, he does buy about 12-15 at a time, and sells them to his students.

I was overjoyed to have met the man and I hope to see him again! Also, now I know who to contact for my sketchbook fix. *grin!*
I have 2 more empty books on my shelf, thanks to my friend Erich who found and bought 3 of them while he was visiting France. It might be a few years before I need another one, but who knows!
This is my current Seawhite of Brighton book. Its a bit roughed up because when I went to see "The Devils Carnival" in Chicago, I had to fight through rain and hail before getting into the theatre... and I had the book with me. (as I always do). I don't mind - it adds character (my common excuse for everything) and guess what... its not ruined. :)

Speaking of the DEVILS CARNIVAL, (AWESOME AWESOME SHOW by the way!!!)
While attending, I did a few drawings for the attending creators and those involved. A little gift giving as a trade for bringing wonderful bizarre cinema to the public.

This is one of 4 drawings I made... while waiting in line to shake hands and get autographs and meet and greet. I've already done a bit of meeting and greeting of Terrance Zdunich while at conventions, but this time I also had the pleasure to meet Emilie Autumn, Darren Lynn Bousman, and finally a proper meeting of Spooky Dan who has been traveling with them on road shows since Repo. 

These pieces of paper were the ONLY DRY things I had on me, as I had them in a protective sleeve. Hurrah! 

Currently working on a book cover but I don't want to give it away. Here is just a tiny sneak peek.

I also ordered some 5" x 7" boards to paint on.
I plan on spending some quality time making some kick-butt small works of art, and I'll share more info down the line! I played with a few of them today. Color, texture, and character experiments.

Also, something to help with inspiration in the studio:
A WURLITZER. Given to me by a Juggler, found out about it from a clown. <3 Thanks Krembo and Rash... of the BLUE MONKEY SIDESHOW. (go watch a VIDEO :) )

That is all for now. Until next time!

That update was long overdue.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

new art and nude studies

Just throwing some randomness up!

Today was a VERY productive day at the studio.
Trying to get some work done before I completely organize my studio to prepare for the Stutz openhouse.

Here is a work I just finished, and its closeup!

Its the LONG piece in the wooden 'frame'.

Soon I will have better photos.

THEN, I took an old mdf with painted surface and FINALLY put a face on top of it.
Very pleased with the outcome - but the cool thing is,... you see that wire coming from the top? (also duplicated as a line drawing on brown paper beneath...) Yes, I'm going to extend the painting beyond the board with the hair - it will be more 3 dimensional, and I'll smooth it out to the painting. Hopefully I can figure out a way to make sure its strong.

SKETCHES form a Nude Model:
Tonight I was pleased to visit Jim Gerard's studio at the stutz, where he holds classes. It feels good to be on this side of the canvas. :)
I just worked small tonight, but seeing Jim's pastel works inspire me - maybe next time I'll get out the pastels!

Monday, March 12, 2012

new art and studies

Greetings Fiends!
Thought I'd show some of the work I've been doing.
Random experimentations and revelations between working on bigger projects.

Two 6" x 6" oil on panel pieces. I had already started these a few months ago, but didn't go anywhere with them. They were flat and brown. I got my oils out again, and with full intention to use a complete and crazy spectrum of colors, I started with red and STUCK with it. Aside from using the under painting as a guide, this was pretty much stream of conscious like most of my works.

The other day my good friend Galindorf (link) showed me a work in progress - a sculpted head, and asked what she should do with it. Being silly, I said 'chop off the top part and have TREES coming out of it!' Needless to say, this inspired a vision for myself and I sketched it in my sketchbook with paint, followed by a colored pencil drawing a day or 2 later.

Last of all, I drew a portrait of Nathan Kranzo (the magician) during a lecture he was giving after a show at the Indy Magic Monthly show. (link) - I was at the lecture because I do the IMM programs , so I'm on the 'crew' I decided to use the opportunity to do a portrait of Nathan while he was lecturing - as well as manipulate a Nathan Kranzo photo on paper - (given to me during the show as it was part of a performance I volunteered for) - I added scales to his face and colored it with some travel watercolors. I cut the paper and made it hold my bic pen portrait of him, which I cut from my sketchbook. (more clear photo of the portrait below)

How to draw people while they are constantly in motion? Choose a common pose - While speaking to the audience, Nathan would often face forward with his lips slightly parted in talking. I usually take a mental picture, draw what I can, and wait for him to take a similar stance again - watching hard for subtleties in facial structure, memorizing details of the face before putting pen to paper. Watching and looking HARD (and memory) is probably 80% of doing a drawing like this.


Thats about it.
Other news? Preparing to get prints for upcoming conventions and events,
trying to network, finding myself in all sorts of projects,
experiencing both frustration and undying excitement and gratefulness at being an artist.
I've done a lot of art research today.
Reading up a lot about Moebius since his death.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Snooping in other artist's studios (with permission of course)!

But I'm not here to talk about my writing habits...
I'm here to to bring surprise and mystery, confusion and ambiguity!!

I am posting to share my new endeavor.
I have become a guest blogger at the -
Where I am featuring the inside of other artists studios at the Stutz building.
I have over 20 artists interested in this project and counting, so needless to say, it will keep me busy for a while - and I have an excuse to snoop around in other artist's studio spaces - something I find inspiring and full of *Endless Wonder.* (Warehouse 13 reference there, if you haven't seen it, go to Netflix now and watch the first 2 seasons. NOW.)
Of course, this also means that if I find myself in a NON STUTZ studio, I will also be compelled to feature it on my own personal blog(s).
Check out for all things Stutz Artists,

For the specific studio features, check out

Elise Schweitzer

Julia Wickes:

And while I'm here, I might as well give you a link to a video I posted recently -
of me painting on clayboard HERE

(total finished piece below)
"He Sees Spirits"

Sunday, February 19, 2012

random ramble link and art experiment

By the way, I started posting some of my random rambles on my livejournal again.
Go check it if you are interested in more words and thoughts.

While Im here, let me post a random art experiment
(sharpie, bic pen, packing tape, acrylic paint)