Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Updates - open studio - art - stuff

I've been BUSY. BUSY. BUSY.

This past week was the Stutz ART OPEN HOUSE!
(over 70 artists open their studios to the public for 2 days of madness, entertainment and art - this happens once a year, so its pretty big)
With the help of Dave - it was a blast and I made a good great profit!

I made a bunch of 5" x 7" small artworks for the show but surprisingly, my buttons sold like hot-cakes. I sold a few small paintings on wood - its EXCITING when someone wants to buy something I've already made! Overall, I had a FREAKING GREAT response to my bizarre art. I even made a 'Warning' sign out front - something about nudity, strange pathways, ambiguity and darkness - This amused people. ~You CAN'T say I didn't WARN you!~ haha.

As always, after a good BIG show - I am left with more solutions for future shows - this time I ordered a lot of boards and bags - I can seal my prints and originals on paper in these - it looks professional and it will be great for my next convention. Dave encouraged me to order more for the future - it also inspires me to make MORE art on paper - its easier to flip through these than the art portfolios I was putting on my table last time.

Below is a video of my studio set up the night before the show.

----More Art Updates---

After work today - I went to the art store! Part of my profit *HAPPILY* goes back into buying more supplies. :) I got some standard things I needed more of, and I got some new things to experiment with. I eyed the airbrushes and air compressors, but I'm not ready for that yet. Being a mixed media artist can sure get pricey!

I stopped by the studio to pick up my new order of boards and bags (D's bright idea to have them sent to the Stutz - this way they get signed for by the Stutz crew and I don't have to go chasing after it when the postman comes to my door when I'm not here!)

While there, I made a new work on wood - acrylic and ink. I MAY or MAY not seal it with shiny epoxy pour-on stuff. It needs to be sealed somehow due to the ink.

"Storm Tree Dreaming" 7.25" x 8"
acrylic and ink on wood
(available for $80)

AND... here is one 5" x 7" - an example one of the styles I was playing with before the show - Painting directly on book pages.

"Dead Speak" 5" x 7" acrylic on text pages.
(available for $35 - combine with another 5" x 7" for $60)

----------Last but not least---------

Please send healing thoughts to someone very close to me who's having a very rough time with pneumonia.